Tie Your Name To Your Bitcoin Cash Address Through The Tether System From

Jonathan Silverblood, a major proponent and member of the dev team for Bitcoin Cash has announced the creation of a brand new identification system which he designed that allows for the tethering of a human readable alias to accompanying payment information.

For the moment, Silverblood had officially released a beta of this platform called, allowing its users to try out its functionality, while providing a way for users to provide feedback on how can improve as time goes on.

Bitcoin Cash – Now With Human Readable Account Names

Advocates that have pinned their flag to the mast of Bitcoin Cash will now be able to play with a new alias and address tethering system referred to as This is according to a report recently, in which it was announced that Silverblood's BCH name system has been introduced and is in development, and is called Cash-ID.

This system allows for the creation and use of fully readable account names which are subsequently tied to the respective keys of a dedicated Bitcoin Cash address. This system is fully open source, and makes use of a transaction system where the name is broadcasted and validated through the network.

For those that are interested in using it, they can find its code and specs on Gitlab, should the user want to review how it functions.

“The Bitcoin address system based on hashing data creates complex and difficult to share identifiers,” This is the prime motivator for Silverblood creation of Cash Accounts via Gitlab. “While these identifiers have proper checksums and misspellings are rare, they are still very cumbersome to transfer over the telephone, in a regular chat or similar — Many attempts have been made to obfuscate the addresses by transferring them as QR codes or NFC tags, but the need for a human-accessible format remains.”

Cash Accounts Name System Will Be Undergoing Testing Until Jan 3rd

Those testing out the Cash Accounts platform will be able to register using a temporary name within the beta version of its platform. From there, its features are pretty simple to understand and use. Users type in their chosen alias and tether this name to a public Bitcoin Cash address.

From there, the user just needs to press a button which says “Create Register Transaction.” With this, the registrant is provided with a protocol number, account user name, and relevant payment information.

By pressing “Broadcast Register Transaction“, this will result in the broadcasting of information across the Bitcoin Cash Network, allowing miners to include the transaction with a dedicated block. This will take a little time for the transaction to be confirmed, after this time, the user will be able to look up their own name that they just created.

Overall, this is a process that has proven quite effective for the moment, taking about two minutes to fully register a name, and a little more time for a name to be completely registered to a specific block.

In summary, the Cash Accounts system has all the potential to perform well for a large number of users, should the majority of Bitcoin Cash users seek to use their own unique usernames or alias. It stands to reason why it is in beta stage at the moment, as a more substantial infrastructure behind it would benefit this system far more, and allow for more users to take advantage of it while being scalable.

It is still an innovative concept for those interested in giving it a try, as the Cash Account website showcases all BCH supportive wallets the developer has contacted in order to provide a wider scope of compatibility for its project. Some of these digital wallets consist of the following so far:, BRD, Copay, Electron Cash, Ledger, Stash, and a large number of others.

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