New Coin ATM Radar Data Shows Bitcoin ATM Demand is Rising Fast, Averaging 6 New Machines a DayM’s installed

In just the past year, different metrics were used in demonstrating that the adoption of bitcoin has actually increased and the fundamentals around this market are slowly getting stronger.

As a result, this has led to an increase in the number of ATMs that are being installed; this is according to the data that was provided by the Coin ATM Radar. In the past few months, they have seen an increase in the number of ATM’s that have been installed.

About six bitcoin ATM’s get installed every day

According to the data that was collected by the Coin ATM Radar, it is a clear indication that the demand for ATM has gradually risen with a multiplier effect. The Coin ATM Radar has been measuring the growth that has been taking place around the crypto ATM’s around the world.

With the data collected, it states that as of 6th January 2019

  • The total number of crypto ATM’s that are around the globe are about 4155.
  • From this there are 75 countries around the globe that house crypto ATM’s, having most of this installation taking place in the USA, with 2492 locations, Canada with 702 locations, followed by Austria with about 267 locations.
  • It has also been found that there are about 42 manufacturers around the globe that are able to produce a crypto ATM.
  • There are also about 527 Bitcoin ATM operators spread around the world.

More from the data collected

Out of the 42 producers identified to manufacture the Crypto ATM, there are top 3 players in the market. It is the likes of Genesis Coin, who has been able to install their machines in about 1330 locations, General Bytes with 1236 locations followed by Lamassu with 433 locations.

The growth in the need for crypto ATM’s has still come even though there have not been favorable conditions for these companies in the market. Most of the companies have not been able to work on their full potential because of the regulatory uncertainty that exists in the market.

Lamassu which is a well-known crypto ATM manufacturer which has been assembling its machines in Portugal, went ahead to announce on January 1st, that after many months of searching for a suitable home for them, they are now officially the Lamassu Industries AG of the Lucerne in Switzerland. It is because this location gives them a much friendlier regulatory environment they could work in.

With the adoption taking place and increase awareness of the bitcoin market and the crypto world, then we are sure to see the crypto ATM’s grow in correlation to this. The only thing is that many people have their eyes on the regulations that are across the globe, and many believe with time it will come in favor of the Crypto ATM’s that are around the world. It is clear this is the year that the Bitcoin ATM’s will grow at a rapid pace.

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