According to a report by MoneyControl and data provided by CoinCodeCap, Cardano (ADA) has been the most developed platform in 2018. There are only two top 10 virtual currencies that were among the most developed networks in the market, Ethereum (ETH) and Tron (TRX). Although Bitcoin (BTC) is the most popular, it ranked in the 52nd place.

As 2018 ended, new studies are being performed about the year that passed. According to data provided by CoinCodeCap, Cardano has been the most actively developed digital asset the last year. As reported by this website, the cryptocurrency received more than 45,700 commits in its code repositories.

The second virtual currency ranked by CoinCodeCap was Augur (REP) that registered 21,644 commits. In the third positions was ranked 0x (ZRX) which has been recently been added by Coinbase to its trading platform. 0x had 18,095 commits. Surprisingly, after these three virtual currencies, Ethereum was ranked with 15,617 commits. At the time of writing, Ethereum is the second largest virtual currency in the market.

One of the developers of CoinCodeCap commented about the commits:

“A commit, or “revision”, is an individual change to a file (or set of files). It’s like when you save a file, except with Git, every time you save it creates a unique ID (aka the “SHA” or “hash”) that allows you to keep a record of what changes were made when and by who. Commits usually contain a commit message which is a brief description of what changes were made.”

The other virtual currencies ranked where Lisk (LSK) with 14,754 commits, Status (SNT) with 13,534 commits, Tron with 12,283 commits, Komodo (KMD) with 12,173 commits, Skycoin (SKY) with 12,068 commits and Waves (WAVES) with 11,732 commits. Of these coins, there are only three top 20 cryptos, Cardano, Ethereum and Tron.

These commits show the work that is being done in each of the networks. If there is a virtual currency with just a few commits or the team behind it is not working anymore, or there is little interest in that specific coin. In general, nowadays, individuals tend to focus on price rather than on development. Taking into account price and commits could be a good way to understand whether a coin is overpriced.

At the time of writing this article, Cardano is the 11th largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of $1.15 billion. Each ADA token can be purchased for $0.044233.

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