Dash Development Team Announces Update

Dash developers have announced an update that’s has been in the pipeline for quite some time now. Through a blog, Dash core developer The Alexander Block gave details of the ‘Long Living Masternode Quoroms’. The developer informed their fans that the update was still under development and hopefully the community would experience the results in the near future.

According to the developer, the current quorum system which is a collection of entities that has the power to vote for something may have some inefficiency. These limitations make it hard to be used in certain situations. Therefore the LLMQ system under development is being designed to tackle these limitations.

The Long Living Masternode Quorum System

The LLMQ lives for longer and allows for increased use of particular components of RAM and CPU. It also helps decrease the load for various users of the system. The Quorum is built prior to use and doesn’t necessary wait for demand to arrive. Technically, the LLMQ performs the M of N threshold which offers signing sessions to bring a majority consensus when decisions have to be made.

The M of N threshold requires executing a trustless execution and distributed key generation protocol before any voting can happen. Since the DKG protocol is quite intense to develop, it’s done before hand and used to sign multiple sessions.

Unlike the current system, the LLMQ requires the various members of Quorum to validate votes and perform propagations. The rest of the votes are done by others in the network and a given number of votes is taken. Since the final result is an outcome of BLS based signing, it’s all just one signature. Therefore propagating this single signature will require a lot of CPU and RAM.

The core developer went on to inform Dash users that the LLMQs will differ in size and also the longevity. The type of quorum system will greatly depend on the user case. One good example of the LLMQs user case is the Dash Instasend. With the update still under development, it will be great when it’s fully operational.

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