New ForgingBlock Payment Gateway Software for Transactions with Cryptocurrency

ForgingBlock, which provides credit card based payment solutions, has confirmed the launch of a cryptocurrency based payment-gateway. It would also support payments from PayPal and Apple Pay, including credit cards.

Utilizing blockchain market technology, Bitcoin, and big data analysis, ForgingBlock seeks to benefit both small scale and large scale businesses. They have developed advanced softwares to support Bitcoin based payment solutions. This will make online transactions hassle free at the ease of users’ hands.

ForgingBlock agreed to provide all required technical support to setup payment through cryptocurrency to small business units, for example, restaurants and retail stores. For most web developers working for their small business partners, incorporating blockchain technology to hardware and software for payments via cryptocurrencies is limited to excellent technical expertise.

Forging Technologies Inc. owns ForgingBlock. ForgingBlock has succeeded Tetra Payments which earlier dealt with point-of-sale (PoS) as well as credit card payments. With their new payment gateway they will also be functional with their previous credit card solution platform.

In present times there is no platform where cryptocurrencies and conventional currencies are integrated. Hence this new development has set a benchmark in the payment gateway sector. Co-founder of ForgingBlock, Sean Chen said:

“Providing complete payment solutions and support to help merchants boost their revenue and reduce distraction from non-core business matters, allowing them to focus on selling their product is always our vision.”

The e-commerce sector is going to benefit to a large extent with the launch of such integrated payment gateways. Since cryptocurrencies are suitable for both buyers and suppliers, more commercial operations can now happen on the global scale.

With optimum fees on all transactions that occur through the blockchain, a new revolution has started in this technology driven age, insisted ForgingBlock President, Bobby Ma.

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