New Gaming PC Lets Users Mine While Their System Idles, Released In Russian Market

A new computer from Crypto Technology, Cashbox X-Gaming, brings an entirely new system that is made for gamers and miners. It is a hybrid computer that allows users to gather a quarter ether each month during the time that their system is idling. This announcement and release was made simultaneously with new reports of a negative future for hardware producers.

With the base model, the user will have access to either a i5 or i7 processors. In addition, the system is made up of two Nvidia GTX 1060/1070/1080 Ti video cards, 16 and 64 GB of DDR4 RAM, multiple cooling fans, and a high-quality sound system. As far as mining goes, the system can mine at a hash rate of 106 MH/S, though it has a maximum performance of 181 MH/s.

When the Cashbox X-Gaming system came out, it was priced at 140,000 rubles, which is approximately $2,200 USD. Each system comes with a three-year warranty, though consumers will have to pay out-of-pocket for more potent configs and enhanced equipment.

The CEO of Anton Sobin does not want consumers to be worried about getting the absolute best equipment for what they need. He has even noted that they plan to go outside of the Russian market, as needed. In a quote on the portal, he said,

“We are focused on developing the mining sector in Russia, and therefore we try to make the equipment available to everyone. The gaming model will allow users who are not ready for serious investments to try mining and understand the specifics of this exciting and profitable crypto sphere.”

Recently, it was not even an option for miners to be able to get altcoins without the average PC. In fact, the power required is intense, and home rigs require multiple GPUs and customized motherboards to the same thing.

The role of the Cashbox X-Gaming system is primarily acts as a gaming system, making the possibility to mine a secondary function. Monthly, so far, it has the capacity to bring in about $100 a month, though updates to the system may eventually expand this capability.

Even though there are businessmen in Russia that feel positive about the introduction of this gaming/mining PC, there are many hardware manufacturer’s in Asia that are not. They are concerned about reducing returns on mining, which could threaten the crypto industry in that part of the world.

One of the most recent companies with a threatened future was Gigabyte, which creates both motherboards and graphics cards that are essential to creating a mining application on a computer. In a report by Capital Investment Management, this company saw less profit during the second quarter of 2018. The firm said,

“The prices of major cryptocurrencies have plunged after peaking in early 2018 […] leading to persistently lower demand for cryptocurrency mining and for Gigabyte graphics card shipments, which decreased somewhat since the beginning of the second quarter.”

Even with this decline in sales, the company believes that the new Nvidia GPUs will help to bring up the sales of the video cards, which will be an improvement on their overall profit. The earliest that reports show that this will be available is around September this year. Other companies are developing CPUs and other components for the system, which would impact the profitability at Gigabyte.

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