VIA, an American AI and Blockchain-based startup have teamed up with Vector, an Auckland energy firm, all for the establishment of a safe transformer data repository called GDAC. Their partnership aims to launch a safe multi-company online transformer catalog known as Global Data Asset Collaborative.

Making the big announcement via their Twitter handle, VIA said that they were gearing towards creating a multi-company database whose role would be protecting privacy. The GDAC, they say, would be the first of its kind in the world and is dedicated for transformer data that is machine-learning ready.

The fact that this collaboration has VIA means that GDAC will be AI-based. And indeed it is at its core given that when it’s finally rolled out, GDAC will help power distribution corporations leverage Artificial Intelligence to foretell imminent power faults. Essentially, it will help them take a proactive approach when managing electricity transformers.

AI will also allow the company to conduct regular maintenance works on transformers safely and with greater precision. This way, the company will achieve significant operational efficiencies and subsequently deliver better services for its clients.

Vector Will Be The Biggest Beneficiary Of The Project

Vector knows pretty well the essence of having GDAC at the heart of its operations. This New Zealand-based company has thousands upon thousands of step down transformers dotting the entire country. And whenever there’s even a slightest of all issues, the effect suddenly becomes catastrophic.

However, if the project will be a success, there’s no doubt that monitoring its power transformers will be breezy. At the start, the partnership aims to handle 216 large transformers found in its substations. Later when the project rolls out, it will extend to the entire 20,000+ mini-transformers and other similar machines within its web.

Vector’s CEO, Simon Mackenzie, supported GDAC, saying that this intelligent and collaborative tool would greatly help keep their network assets performing well. He said that with their looming evolution, a better, more efficient network would only be possible with such a device. According to him, GDAC will also ensure that all power needs in the future are adequately solved and they will also experience no glitch handling data and analytics.

VIA Hopes To See More Collaborators Join In

The American AI and Blockchain startup envision the project to be a start of what will hopefully solve issues around transformer failures across the globe. It aims to use their Blockchain-powered invention, called Trusted Analytics Chain TAC, to unite several companies and benefit from a pool of data and resources.

While speaking about the collaboration, the company chief, Colin Gounden said Vector would help them develop the planet’s biggest transformer database that’s machine-learning ready. He said all partner founders of GDAC add more product makers, utilities and data sources so that the platform eventually becomes a buzzing data hub of everything.

According to Gounden, data and expertise from its founders will go a long way in making it robust and even extend its use beyond Vector’s remedy for transformer failure. However, the two partners also expressed gratitude to Elemental Excelerator for the help it extends to countless projects every year.

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