IOTA, a blockchain cryptocurrency company, based out of South Korea – released a vital message today – that the platform would soon appear on Upbit, the country's largest exchange. Cryptocurrency is going through one of the most significant crashes of its time today, but IOTA is still on the move upward.

The Internet Of Things, has created some challenges for different companies attempting to take advantage of the new platform. IOTA hopes its new program will make their system easy to integrate, as they have seen integration challenges with their platform, not familiar with the common blockchain technology. In fact, IOTA has experienced some negative feedback due to the extreme challenges, service providers have had with their platform. There have been several technical issues which have risen for the software company, namely in the realm of seed management and database issues, among other problems that need attention.

IOTA Listed On Upbit Exchange

Even though issues have occurred, which is normal, Upbit still decided to list the company on their exchange. The announcement was made today on August 3rd of 2018, with more information soon to come. IOTA Hub is an open source platform, running on a standard gRPC API, with controlled – audited infrastructure. Now, IOTA should have no problems smoothly integrating with any service provider. What once took months or longer, will now take weeks or shorter, thanks to the hub.

Security is improving, thanks to external processes used to manage all transactions. There will now be two machines used, one to handle central processing and another to operate the database. The new security protocol means cyber-attacks can never affect the entire system. It is likely with the new security; there will be several more exchanges which begin to use IOTA Hub. Lastly, the open source code for the platform will soon be ready for everyone to review on GitHub.

What exchanges can you think of first hand that would benefit from IOTA Hub integration? Leave your answers in the comment section below.

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