This week a new crypto jacking program for Monero appeared.

In case you do not know how crypto jacking works, this is how we call the practice of using malware to create breaches in the operating system that use the CPU power of the infected computer to mine a certain type of token remotely.

Mshelper, New Monero Crypto Jacking Malware

Mac owners recently reported the existence of a new malware called “mshelper”, which caused overheating and high CPU usage. While dangerous, mshelper is not a very sophisticated malware and it is quite easy to remove, fortunately. The malware was brought to the public after some users started to post about on Apple’s forums.

According to the users, the program is installed via a fake Adobe Flashplayer install file that come from pirated copies of the software. After installing the program, it downloads the mshelper, which acts like a Monero miner and uses the CPU of the victim to mine and send the tokens to the attacker.

Mshelper Mines Monero, A Popular Crypto Jacking Choice

This malware mines Monero, which is a quite popular choice among hackers and other cyber criminals exactly because it is hard to track. In fact, it is almost impossible to track Monero like you could do with Bitcoin, so you can use to buy things illegally without having to be afraid of being caught.

Also, the price of this token is rising recently, so this means that Monero mining is getting more profitable and the trend does not seem like it will stop any time soon.

Not Only PCs Are Being Affect By Crypto Jacking

While the problem affects mostly PCs, users of smartphones cannot feel completely safe. Crypto jacking has been developing new resources and smartphone mining is becoming more common, which means that soon more malware to use it will appear.

Also, with Internet of Things devices getting more popular, this means that they will be used in the future as object to crypto jacking malware, too, so you should be very careful with CPU usage spikes and avoid downloading unknown files if you want to be protected.

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