Obelisk ASIC Miner For Sia

The quality of one’s cryptocurrency mining efforts is highly dependent upon the software that one uses. With proper software that is poised to work well, users may find themselves having an easier time during the mining process. Those who are familiar with ASIC mining hardware may also know that the hardware has been controversial among its mining software counterparts.

The controversy arises from the software’s tendency to give wealthier miners a competitive advantage over others and as a result, centralization may ensure. The good news is that a new update by Obelisk concerning its SIA ASIC mining software may resolve the issues and make the software better to mine with.

The announcement has come just in time and the update may be able to ensure not only that the mining software is easier to use, but that it is able to keep the network safe and secure as well. There are also a few areas of focus concerning the updates as well, which include ease of use and repair.

Interestingly enough, the manufacturing process for the software is being moved to the United States from China. Currently, the original shipping date is June 30th, but this may change depending upon a number of factors. The best thing to do is to follow the date and any implications that it may have.

The Obelisk SC1 (800GH/s 500W PSU Included) runs for about $1,599 USD and is payable in bitcoin (BTC). We will be sure to update more about the Obelisk ASIC Miner for Siacoin (SC) events in the near future.

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