New Qtum Blockchain Platform Robin8 Profile Management System (PMES) Helps Users Secure IP

New Qtum Blockchain Platform Robin8 Profile Management System (PMES) Helps Users Secure IP

Qtum, an open-source blockchain application platform which is used for the development and deployment of decentralized applications, has just announced that the Profile Management Ecosystem (PMES) by Robin8, will now be available and free for users to upload their data and intellectual property directly to the QTUM blockchain.

The Profile Management EcoSystem (PMES)

The PMES is a new and exciting blockchain platform that lets creators of intellectual property upload their materials thereby helping them not only claim and retain ownership but also to transact business, selling and buying their creations as they like. These creators may include influencers, experts, artists, inventors, photographers and all other owners of different kinds of digital property. As with other platforms, PMES is completed distributed and decentralized, ensuring that control resides with the community and not any one entity or company.


All digital data and intellectual property successfully uploaded to the Qtum blockchain through PMES are permanent and cannot be deleted or altered. They all also include a timestamp which can also not be changed or deleted, to ensure proper security and also ensure that ownership of the intellectual property uploaded is protected. The data could include music, real estate ownership, e-books, software, password keys, databases, inventions, and even cryptocurrency tokens.

Prospects For PMES

One of the goals of the PMES is to let creators of these properties hold complete control and earn from their sweat. Before now, many online platforms including some of the biggest social media networks have all greatly benefited from intellectual property and content, raking in millions consistently. Now, with the PMES platform, everything is done on a peer-to-peer basis. Each owner/creator can directly communicate with other users and prospective buyers. The publication explains this better saying:

“The market opportunity is enormous as the big platforms are currently not able to offer services like PMES. Ebay and Amazon’s combined annual revenue alone is over USD 25 billion dollars. Think of PMES like a hybrid Ebay and Facebook but it’s decentralized and autonomous. Also a major distinction and advantage is on PMES, the user controls their data and can choose to sell or share it.”