Official Report Says Russian Military ERA Is Launching Blockchain Research Lab

Russians Invest in Mining near NATO Norway Exercise

Russia has caused quite the stir within the crypto community this week. In addition to rumors that Moscow’s stock exchange might end up listing information relating to ICOs and their coin on their popular trading platform, new speculation suggests that The Russian New Mining Company might be investing in a Bitcoin mining farm in Norway.

The company is already renowned for its work in the mining sector within Russia, a country which has been at least partially friendly towards miners and mining companies alike. The newest project has the large corporation working with several local companies to create a significant project. Projected to cost around USD $125 million, the operation seeks to capitalize on the low electricity rates in the area.

But the operation is not occurring primarily within Russia. Instead, the organization is working out of the municipality of Alvdal, a territory within Norway. The area has already won the interest of hundreds of businessmen from countries around the world. China, Israel, Japan, the United States, and Kazakhstan are all countries from which miners have hailed to the prosperous area.

But because Russia is so good in their conditioning for miners, the move by the Russian company to up and move to Norway has caused a stir within both Russian and international crypto communities. The interest in the operation is doubled by the recent movements near the area; the largest military-led operations by the North American Trade Organization have been happening lately.

Speculation By Key Authorities

It isn’t just the crypto community interested in the weird movements of the Russian-based mining corporation. A publication by a Norwegian paper called Aftenposten wrote that the facility has drawn the attention of Norwegian special services, as well as hundreds of locals who have watched the organization, and others, work to gain access to the fair mining fees of the area.

But little information has become available to the general population, and it is unclear thus far how much information is accessible to the higher authorities checking out the involvement of the Russians involved in the Norwegian project.

A Likely Coincidence

The mining farm is to be placed around 5.5 miles outside of Alvdal, right outside of a deep forest. The cables and power mechanisms required for the operation are already in-place, and the officials responsible for zoning and permits have met with professionals inside of the company about key logistical, legal, and municipal issues relating to it.

But officials have elaborated that the incident is likely a mere coincidence, and that the placement of the Russian company is likely unrelated to the NATO exercises happening near the area. An official from the city by the name of Arund Lovik stated in an interview that the combination of incidents is likely “a pure coincidence.”

A representative for the company in Norway also outlined the seriousness with which the company takes the interest garnered by Special Forces from NATO. Mr. Anderson stated that the “Russian owners are serious guys” who deeply understand that Norwegian forced are “closely interested in their activities.”

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