Despite the poor performance witnessed within the crypto sphere, a recent survey conducted by SharesPost revealed that many investors, especially accredited investors, continue to be hopeful of the market and very much hold a “bullish, long term outlook for crypto and blockchain”.

The survey allegedly includes a total of 3,018 responses, of which nearly 528 represent individual accredited and institutional investors, with the remaining consisting of consumers. Here is a breakdown of some of the findings:

Plans To Buy And Hodl In Place

Of all the participants, 59 percent of investors and nearly 72 percent of consumers are planning to increase their crypto stashes over the next 12 months. Many believe that within the next year or so, crypto prices are surely to rise, however, this mostly comes from consumers, while investors are still quite unconvinced of the possibility of price hikes.

Only Three To Four Crypto Tokens Have Long-Term Potential

Based on the findings, investors and consumers share one common belief, that only a couple of tokens have the potential to succeed. This includes Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Ripple [XRP] and Litecoin [LTC] – the order in which these tokens were listed reflects most to least holdings, BTC being on most of the participants’ portfolios.

The main reason why the aforementioned four have been chosen is because the participants believe that “they offer the most potential for long term success”. Furthermore, investor interest seems to be leaning towards BTC, primarily due to sentiment.

Utilization Of Blockchain Technology Within Enterprises Increases

According to the responses, firms across diverse industries have and continue to dive into blockchain technology. SharesPost reported that nearly 32 percent of investors and 49 percent of consumers have revealed that employers are taking the necessary steps to possibly integrate blockchain technology in the time to come.

This being said, another belief that the participants hold is that the likes of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is not something that will instantly be rolled out, but rather one that will take time to get used to and to adopt. Some of the projections made as for when exactly have been provided between the years 2020 and 2025.

Commenting on the findings is Rohit Kulkarni, Managing Director and Head of Research of SharesPost, who explicitly stated that, “crypto investors haven’t lost faith and are planning to buy more,” adding that “this correction is separating long-term believers from short-term day traders.”

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