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New Tippin Google Chrome Browser Extension App Enables Bitcoin Tips Via Lightning Network On Twitter

New Tippin Extension Allows Users Send Bitcoin Payments Via Twitter

A new way of making Bitcoin (BTC) payments has now been developed and introduced. Tippin, the beta app responsible for this new feature, has created and put out a newly developed extension for Google Chrome users which can be used specifically for this.

How Tippin Would Work With Social Media

For users to make Bitcoin transactions via Twitter, all they would have to do – apart from having a Twitter profile – is to download and install the new Tippin extension. When this is installed, every tweet will then have a small Tippin symbol of a lightning bolt right beside the other native Twitter buttons like “retweet”, “like”, “reply” and “share”. This method would enable Twitter users to make Bitcoin transactions through the Lightning Network and it is hoped that doing transactions in this manner would help users make Bitcoin transactions on a much bigger scale. It is largely believed that this would help because small Bitcoin payments are a lot more feasible than large ones.

According to Sergio Abril, an engineer with Tippin:

“In my opinion, tipping is going to be incredibly popular with lightning network; it’s the first time we can send small amounts almost at no cost, and we can do it incredibly fast.”

Tippin And Its Future Plans For Integration

Tippin intends to really drive this idea and hopes that it will eventually be generally adopted worldwide. The company hopes to take advantage of the number of users on Twitter and use it to improve the number of Bitcoin transactions, consequently improving the numbers in the crypto community.

Abril has also said that

“Tippin started as a personal side project a couple of months ago, so I could understand lightning network a bit more, and of course help push adoption, but it’s starting to get big.”

There are also a few plans to develop the capabilities of Tippin to satisfy a larger audience. For example, Abril has expressed a desire for the app to someday be embedded in a few other social media services. Also, while the current development only supports Bitcoin, there may be plans to include support for other cryptocurrencies as well.

Presently, the app is described as custodial to show that customers don’t have total authority and command, with their assets. However, even though Abril thinks the custodial way is easiest, there might be plans to entertain alternatives which let customers control their assets totally.

Speaking on rolling out the new improvement, Abril also said:

“The lightning network itself is still in beta, so we have time to make this happen until it’s fully ready.”



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