New Trezor Crypto Hardware Wallet Firmware Upgrade Available With Community-Driven Updates

Crypto hardware wallets are becoming an integral role in helping individuals secure their cryptocurrencies, and their popularity is reasonably growing in the industry. However, these cold storage options are relatively new, and providers are only now working to include support for additional cryptocurrencies over time.

Trezor wallet confirms such a venture would be integrated soon within their hardware wallets. The new updates are set to have the firmware working “for the community, by the community.

In the press release, SatoshiLabs, creators of Trezor, introduces the latest firmware updates that will be available for the Trezor Beta wallet. Most importantly, the wallet's two versions, Trezor Model T and One will both get upgrades that are effective for community-driven development in practice.

SatoshiLabs CTO, Stick, explains the motive behind the new firmware updates by adding:

“One of these changes was to have business logic code written in Python, language most developers are familiar with, instead of embedded C language used for the original Trezor model. There is no better proof that this was a great decision than looking at the massive community contributions that have landed into the latest Trezor Model firmware.”

The Trezor Model T

Trezor T already supports the storage of a range of cryptocurrencies, and the new update expands its scope with the firmware version 2.0.9. SatoshiLabs lists added support for Cardano. Monero, Ripple, Stellar, Tezos, Decred, Groestlcoin, Lisk and Zencash. In addition to the new cryptos, the Model T will get a Zcash sapling hardfork and seedless mode support to accommodate crypto miners.

The release further acknowledges that the updates were the results of third-party developers working to implement the Trezor integration into their crypto wallets. Some of the developers listed include Dusan Klinec (Monero), Juraj Muravsky (Cardano), Adrian Matejov (Tezos), Aleksey Popov (Lisk) and Matheus Degiovani (Decred).

The Trezor One

The initial version of the hardware wallet, Trezor One, expects to get a new firmware version 1.71.1 that adds support for WebUSB capabilities. The upgrade on Trezor One will be available for the Wallet and Trezor Password Manager (TPM). According to SatoshiLabs, the changes will have users connect to their Trezor Wallet and TPM directly through Google Chrome.

The release will further allow access through Chromebooks, or your Android mobile device to the Trezor One, with the right cable. And starting with the new Trezor One firmware, the upgrade will support Lisk, Stellar and Zcash sapling hardfork on its Beta wallet and seedless mode.

Other Highlights

The Trezor Wallet use of a DGB backend server is also expected to the end with the upgrades. It’s been a custom for Digibyte users to manually enter the server to experience Trezor Wallet support. Digibyte will now be available as one of the supported coin on Trezor Wallet drop-down menu.

About Trezor

Trezor Wallet is a crypto hardware device that consists of its private keys to helps owners transact cryptocurrencies offline, independently of the internet. The device itself is small and prides itself as the most secure cold storage option for the crypto market.

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