About NewCurr (Pallas-Athena Token)

NewCurr is currently developing a new blockchain technology for the development of decentralized applications (dapps). The objective of this company is to help to develop products that will really impact the lives of the people who are using them.

The company believes that the blockchain technology has an enormous potential but its problem is that there is still not enough companies doing everything to take the possibilities to the maximum and really making a good service and dapps for the customers.

The solution, NewCurr believes, is the creation of a global blockchain community which supports developers who are interested in creating solutions to be used to make better applications. The platform will have to be decentralized because the intermediaries always stunt the growth of the products and pose major threats to the quality of these same products because of their interests.

How NewCurr Will Work?

The NewCurr service will be based on a brand new blockchain technology created by the company called Pallas-Athena. This blockchain will be used for decentralized machine learning and creation of data so that the users of the company can create better software.

The idea of the company is that people will be able to be a part of the community and to use the site both as a marketplace and as a place to develop the apps by using the resources available to them on the platform.

The cryptocurrency that will be used on the platform will be the Pallas Coin. The tokens will be used for the transactions of dapps and to pay for the services that are offered on the platform like support for developing new dapps.

NewCurr’s Main Projects

This platform might still be looking for financing at this time, but it already has started some interesting projects like MediaCurr, DataCurr and EquiCurrency.

MediaCurr is a project focused on media, as you might have guessed. It is building a blockchain news network that will reach more than 275 million homes and use IPTV revenue models. With this project, NewCurr intends to change how both the internet and the satellite television media works for the best.

Another NewCurr’s project is DataCurr. This software uses the Pallas Athena blockchain to create an accurate data center than can be also used as in a similar way of a cryptocurrency exchange (although the company states that DataCurr is not an exchange).

Basically, DataCurr will work as a P2P transaction platform that can sell more than only cryptocurrencies because you will be able to sell any asset. It will have over 1000 different cryptocurrencies. So, it will be more like a marketplace for digital assets.

The DataCurr also enables you to get access to all the information that you need for trading because it will contain a big database that will contain information like accurate pricing, volume metrics and analytics about the market.

EquiCurrency is still being developed at the time of this report, but when it is launched, it will act as a bridge between your assets and your payments. With this dapp, you’ll be easily allowed to pay for services everywhere using the Pallas Athenas blockchain to use your assets (that you can buy on DataCurr to pay for services).

NewCurr’s Partner: DebtMet.

DebtMet is a current partner of NewCurr. It consists in a social finance network for students who have debt. The goal of this platform is to offer them a proper solution for this debt by creating a new decentralized way to get loans related to this debt easily.

The users will be able to create a personal profile with information and seek the money via crowdfunding or even to be hired by companies which can be interested in their profiles. This partner of NewCurr will use the Pallas Athena blockchain of the company and its tokens to work.

NewCurr Team

Curious to know about the creators of this company? Bob blake (chairman) and Jonah Blake (manager) are the two main creators of this company. Advising them you can find Simon Cocking, Russel Smith, Tucker Snedeker and Rehan Fernando.

Other members of the staff that are very important for the company to succeed are Ryan Sancilio (community manager), Noah Blake (project manager), Ryan Ryker (MC project manager) and Charles League (EC project manager).

NewCurr Pallas-Athena Token ICO Details

The tokens of NewCurr, Pallas Coins, will be ERC20 utility tokens which will act as the currency of the system. The main sale is happening right now during April and it will last until May 30. You can buy 2000 tokens with 1 ETH. The soft cap of the sale is $1 million USD and the hard cap is $39 million USD.

All the tokens will be given to the people who bought them not more than a month later the Initial Coin Offering is finished. As soon as the token sale is over, the company will to send the token to the current owners. After that, tokens will be found in exchanges.

You have to be an accredited investor to be able to buy tokens or you will not pass the Know Your Customer procedure.

NewCurr (Pallas-Athena Token) Verdict

We can all agree that the blockchain technology has a lot of unexplored possibilities. On the other hand, NewCurr does not really seem like the best platform to do this. The company’s site is not very clear at times and the company does not seem to be so well managed that it will certainly be a success.

While we certainly believe in the company’s goal, we are still somewhat doubtful or its ability to deliver what it promises, so watch this one with caution.

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