As per news outlet, Coin Speaker, American tech firm, Amazon will be working alongside payment processing firm, WorldPay, in regard to the latter’s payment system. In particular, it has been noted that Amazon Pay will be the chosen method of payment.

This respective partnership supposedly sets a record that is noteworthy. More specifically, this partnership is said to make WorldPay the first ever to serve as an acquirer that fully integrates Amazon Pay for its merchants. Moreover, it has been reasoned that Amazon Pay’s various “client options” is one of the reasons why it has been chosen by WorldPay.

VP of Amazon Pay, Patrick Gauthier has since commented on this endeavor, to which he mostly expanded on the strategy that was used to help accelerate the online payments processing service.

According to his claims, the team working behind Amazon Pay believes that their job doesn’t simply end at integration and getting other firms hooked to the Amazon Pay service, but also at figuring out how to overcome common issues that may arise. The best way he sees said concerns being resolved is by:

We started to really think about how [we] not only simplify integration and onboarding, but [how to] better manage operations on an ongoing basis. We decided the best solution for us was to integrate with a large merchant acquirer, as that simplifies a lot of the day-to-day issues around settlement, reconciliation, reporting and dispute management.”

Gauthier also shared that Amazon Pay’s contribution does not imply that Amazon as a whole will be playing a role. He stressed that this collaboration could potentially better the merchant-customer relationship, that is, to “remove friction points,” as he puts it.

Newfound Ripple Excitement: What's Its Origins?

The reason Ripplers get excited over this is the backstory behind who owns Worldpay. Recently it was noted that Fidelity National Information Services Inc. (FIS) acquired Worldpay who is a premier partner of Ripple.

This has many XRP coin enthusiasts believing this is one indirect method of connecting Amazon and Ripple of being a future partner of one another for payments. This also comes on the heels of known fact that Amazon is working with another Ripple partner out of India, Axis bank, on a new mobile payment app for making purchases on the giant retail store,

While there is no immediate or pressing news regarding Ripple and Amazon working directly together, many are attempting to connect the dots no matter how far they are as the bear market blues has its ways of making news out of indirect partnerships but are not completely out of the question.

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