With so many ICOs being released on the market every day, it’s next to impossible to choose the right one without any inside knowledge or experience. And one of the most popular of all recent ICO types is in the cannabis sector. Whether operating in the United States or Canada, cannabis and hemp are both having massive breakthroughs in the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology space. And that is why it’s so important to have an idea about each ICO. Basically, the first step in the crypto/blockchain space when getting started, is selecting a niche to invest into, then after that, step two is finding the right ICO.

And since you’re reading this article on Nezly, it’s a safe bet that you’re interested in investing into a cannabis or hemp related ICO platform and token. That is why you can continue to read this article and see if Nezly is right for you. Because according to the makers of the coin, Nezly is not just another ICO and blockchain-based startup focused around cannabis, it’s something that will absolutely crush the competition you’re facing in the THC niche.

What Is Nezly?

The first introduction for Nezly, is it’s a cannabis-oriented business, with the ecosystem and platform being built entirely on blockchain technology. And more specifically, the Stellar Blockchain is what the Nezly platform is being built on top of. The reason is the token will be able to benefit from the specific blockchain technology more than it would any other on the market, and in many different ways. Whether it be remittance with the cannabis exchange software, or advanced mobile apps driven to meet the needs of the consumer, the Stellar blockchain has been determined to be the best software for the job. And that is only the beginning, it doesn’t stop there, and it is likely that is never will.

How Does Nezly Work?

Here’s something very interesting, there are more than $70 million USD in California State Licensed Early Stage Marijuana Farms. And that is why the platform is so important for investors to consider staking tokens in. Nezly will be a major player in the newly emerging industry of consulting farmers in the cannabis industry from seed to sale. And the platform alone will support more than one hundred and fifty or more legally licensed cannabis farmers in the United States and Canada. And reason this is possible is because of the multitude of benefits the system offers to farmers, like those listed below:


One of the most important factors to success is a great plan, it’s where it all begins and ends. And when it comes helping farmers devise a plan that is assured to work and is solid, Nezly is one of the best. The plans laid out by the team at the company are designed to help farmers raise crops that when cultivated produce the highest yield quality cannabis, and at the same time get the highest prices when legally sold on the market.

Largest Network

The planning starts from the beginning, that is from the acquisition of land, selection of the best cannabis strains, purchasing and using of the best grow equipment, advanced knowledge on the process from start to finish from experts, the harvesting of the produce in the most efficient manner, finding buyers, negotiating prices, selling it and shipping it, are all considered. Nezly will cover farmers in every way from the beginning to the end.

Nezly Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency created for the platform serves a few purposes. One it will help to eliminate and remove any fear that farmers may have of losing their hard earned capital due to regulation changes, or the banks and other financial institutions freezing or taking assets and applying massive fees. The decentralized nature of the cryptocurrency and specifically the Nezly Token is the safest alternative to fiat money when it comes to running a grow operation, based on the harvest and sales of cannabis. At no time in history have farmers had the ability that they do now to grow and sell cannabis the way it is done today.

Here’s something else to consider, the more than one hundred and fifty plus farmers on the networks are producing well over $500 million in cannabis alone. And that is why farmers and investors alike are well to know the Nezly network also incorporates the CannaX analytical software tool. It’s where Big Data Meets Cannabis. And it’s designed to be the best software for measuring statistics and making predictions for metrics associated with cannabis growth, cultivation and sales. And the reason is because the software was developed from the ground up, specifically for cannabis ventures with the following benefits included:

  • Clean and Responsive User Interface –

    The software uses an award-winning user interface that is flawless in design, with a fully interactive set of features designed to give users the most accurate tracking of data while at the same time being simple to use and navigate for the best experience on any device.

  • Software built on the XLM Blockchain Technology –

    Since Nezly’s platform is built upon the already proven solid Stellar XLM Blockchain that was designed for enhanced crypto security and speed, with superior intelligence – Nezly’s platform also carries with it the same benefits and levels of protection/superiority as the parent Stellar XLM does. It’s promised to be more than 500X faster when completing transactions than the Ethereum Blockchain.

  • Instant Real-Time Data Analytics –
  • Nezly also gives users the most accurate real-time data for the buyers, sellers and any vendors involved with the cannabis supply chain. And all of this is done from one secure location, completely accessible at any time of day or night from any location in the world.
  • Largest Network Online – As stated there are more than 150 cannabis farmers on the network, working with over 300 dispensaries as well as more than 200 product providers and the number is growing. The Nezly company has positioned themselves as the largest cannabis supply network and community in the world.
  • Fast Onboarding – Nezly also has done the unthinkable, by simplifying the standard complex nature of big data, tracking and commerce solutions – they have made the platform accessible and usable by all. Ad every product on the digital network has been designed to be easy to setup and use.
  • Reliable Smart Contracts – The smart contracts used on the Nezly Blockchain offer investors, farmers and distributors a tamper proof way for ensuring every transaction and tracked data is kept safe with the highest levels of protection.

The company is set to be the easiest, simplest way for farmers and consumers to accelerate their business in the cannabis industry. And you can use the platform to buy and sell anything related to cannabis. All of it can also be done with the use of the highly efficient and easy to understand app.

About Nezly ICO

If you’re an investor and are looking to get the largest ROI when investing with Nezly, then you want to benefit from the semi-private presale and join it today. All you have to do to get started is head to the company website and click the button that says “JOIN OUR PRESALE” at the top of the page. It will then guide you through the process of getting started with the company and getting the biggest token bonus.

At the same time, you can enter your email in the box to join the company newsletter and get notified when changes occur within the platform or the ICO. And there is also the option to read the company whitepaper to learn more about all the numerous technical aspects of the Nezly network and associated token.

Nezly In Conclusion

The cannabis dispensary application and software created by Nezly is the ultimate in cannabis support and cryptocurrency. Cannabis farmers and dispensaries who are licensed will be the ones who benefit the most from the platform.

And they can use the app, software and token to grow their business while on the go thanks to the mobile applications. And for those who sell cannabis or grow it, want to invest in it or anything similar like delivering it, will be able to use the software as a turnkey type of app. It’s loaded with features and is soon to be a must have for all parties involved in the industry.

The platform offers the highest levels of crypto-security and standards that operate on the Stellar Consensus Protocol or SCP. And all transactions on the platform are completed within a time-frame of 5-10 seconds, making the Stellar Blockchain based processes hundreds of times more efficient and faster than those of Ethereum and thousands of times faster than Bitcoins. They basically happen near instantly.

100% accountability is also necessity with the platform because of it being built in the XLM Blockchain that ensures accountability with every transaction made. Lastly, the Nezly Token issued for remittance makes it one of the most successful cryptocurrencies on the market, and it is becoming more and more adoptable with Nezly Tokens. There are no high-bank fees or credit card payment issues that are often associated with providers. All of the standard financial issues are now considered a thing of the past. Basically, if you’re in the cannabis sector and looking for the ultimate software, application and token – Nezly is the best cryptocurrency you can find.

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