Discount coupons and loyalty points are powerful tools to trigger purchases and this is the reason people are bombarded with marketing messages promoting these products. However, even with their effectiveness, the consumer utilization is pretty low. This might me the consequence of illiquid and inflexible nature of retail points and shopping incentives. Loyalty points are not interchangeable between stores or brands, discount coupons are hard to acquire for stores or brands which people specifically desire and the free samples are generally of brands that no one wants.

Nickelcoin is the answer to these problems plaguing the discount coupon and loyalty point model right now.

What Is NickelCoin?

Nickelcoin is the next step forward in cryptocurrency which is introduced for merchants, business owners and consumers that offer traditional solutions for customer Loyalty programs and discount coupons. They transform traditional discount coupons, loyalty points and shopping vouchers into liquid, tradable digital tokens. It is a global wallet for customer’s loyalty reward, which means that you can manage all your reward points in one place.

They offer a change to another approach using blockchain to maintain transaction records in a secure, trustless, digitized interlinked environment, which will increase the efficiency of the entire system.

What Does NickelCoin Offer?

Nickelcoin offers a market platform based solution which will include an internal blockchain network employing the new cryptocurrency. Nickelcoin’s global customer loyalty services offers a modern user friendly loyalty application which replaces the standard physical loyalty card. The platform is protected with high security algorithm for storing, transferring and trading digital assets, which includes Nickelcoin. It is global marketplace that offers products, rewards and gift coupons for their loyal customers.

This means that with Nickelcoin’s blockchain technology, you will never lose reward points anymore.

NickelCoin Blockchain Customer Loyalty Rewards Advantages

  • Reduced Costs: The costs of running the operation is much lower than the traditional system due to their incorporation of cutting edge smart contracts.
  • Frictionless system: From discovery to transactions, from merchants to customers, everyone is going to find this system easy to use and process.
  • Unique business opportunities: Merchants and brands get access to new potential customers while customers get to see new products and services making it beneficial for everyone.
  • Safe environment: Using blockchain in its underlying technology makes the platform as secure as any in the industry. The source code is available for anyone to verify.

NickelCoin NKL Token ICO Details

Nickelcoin will be used to send and receive rewards to everyone else, as a payment gateway for local or international bills, to earn rewards from one brand to be used elsewhere and in digital asset exchange.

A total of 40 million will be in distribution, of which only 30% will be sold in ICO pre-sale and main sale. 45% is reserved for loyalty awards, 3% is utilized for marketing purposes, 15% is for bonuses and bounties 10% is distributed to the team and 7% is for the advisors.

There will be three stages of the ICO. The price of a token for Pre-ICO is $0.4, 1st stage is $0.65, 2nd stage is $0.85 and the final stage is $1.

Nickelcoin can be purchased with Bitcoin and Ethereum and the minimum purchase amount is $50. Pre sale starts on 12th April 2018 with subsequent stages following after that.

NickelCoin Conclusion

Business owners are interested in technologies that take on customers, this is the reason up to 81% of them have customer loyalty program incorporated in their marketing strategies. With the stagnation of the conventional loyalty program, which drives behaviour change for the top 15% of customers, Nickelcoin has the potential to target the other 85%.

More can be found out about the platform and their ICO on their website

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