The Nihilum token is an ERC20 standard token that will be launched with a smart contract. This smart contract will share out the mined crypto to token holders as a service. The tokens will be distributed after accounting for transaction costs and management costs. Besides that token, Nihilum has launched an app powered by the Ethereum blockchain. This will make the token purchase and handling quite easy.

Nihilum: Main Uses of the Smart Contract

The smart contract can be used to transfer tokens to different wallets. It can also be used for purchasing as many tokens as possible for the ether provided. Additionally, it will be used for the whitelist. Once you successfully go through the KYC, you will be able to purchase tokens. Moreover, the smart contract will make it possible for you to claim the ETH.

Market Overview of the ICOs

Since 2014, the ICO market has grown by almost 50 times. This is especially so when compared to the size of the ICO market in 2017. All the indications are that the ICO market will continue growing, generating a positive surplus for the token holders. The mining center for this cloud miner will be run on the Ethereum blockchain. They settled on Ethereum because of how fast Ehereum has grown compared to Bitcoin.

Besides that, all projections show that the value of Ethereum will continue on this upward trend for the conceivable future. However, this growth will be dependent on the market and various political decisions. For instance, China’s decision to ban crypto had a huge value on the market of crypto for some time.

The team behind this project also forecast that the hash rate would continue to grow. Thus, the price change effect will be eliminated by the hash rate, leading to more stability. Because of this, the developers concluded that as the rate rises, prices would rise. This means that there will be almost no change as long as the price continues to grow.

However, this market is dependent on the trust and participation of the people. It means no one can predict the exact level of the growth. Despite this, one thing remains quite clear; market conditions will make mining profitable. If there are no serious changes in governance, the process should remain as predicted.

nihilum homepage

Benefits for the Token Holders

While on other projects the token holders get a small share of the profit, this project will offer token holders mining services. Only the management cost is eliminated from the equation. Token holders will start getting the services 3 months from the end of the token sale. Products of the mining service will be stored in a contract and it will be possible to withdraw at any time. The managing costs are the operating expenses, electricity charges, security at the mining center, internet costs, and research and development.

Nihilum ICO Details

  • Name: NIHILUM
  • Minimum Purchase: 50 NIHILUM
  • Accepted Crypto: ETH
  • Soft Cap: 5,000,000 NIHILUM
  • Hard Cap: 55,000,000 NIHILUM
  • Start: May 11, 2018
  • End: July 11, 2018

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