NILECOIN (NIL) is a new digital currency that’s developed inform of OSS (open-source software), operating on peer-to-peer networking protocol. The whole purpose of this coin is providing a working platform for digital assets for a better financial system. Just like other coins, this particular one is fully decentralized meaning that it’s not controlled by the central bank. In order to help you understand how it works, its oncoming ICO, and other fact about it, let’s dig deeper and learn more about it.

NileCoin ICO

Powering the system to reach a wide audience needs funds, and that’s why the developers of NILECOIN decided to go into an ICO to raise funds and at the same time offer investors an opportunity to get some benefits. Here are facts about the NILECOIN ICO:

  • ICO Period : December 25,, 2017 – January 27, 2018
  • Offered amount: 20,000,000 NIL
  • Price: Subject to change based on the actual market price
  • Accepted Currencies: Ethereum and Bitcoin
  • 5% bonus for investors with an account with Nileoffice and have an active package already
  • 5% affiliate reward

Even with these nice perks, NILECOIN developers even goes ahead and offer investors a chance to withdraw their investments (Ethereum and bitcoin) at any time within the ICO period should they feel canceling their investments.

Value Of NileCoin

NILECOIN won’t be just an e-payment method that’s fully decentralized, no! It will also act as a digital currency that allows investors to make accrued value. The actual cost of trading it will not be dependent on the transaction amount, making it an attractive option for folks looking to transact or trade huge amounts of money.

To make it even more useful, NILECOIN can also be converted into popular currencies including pounds, Euros, dollars and Japanese yen.

Facts About NileCoin

NILECOIN is provided limitedly and automatically and works without any influence of central banks, meaning that it operates on peer-to-peer networking protocol. Here are more facts about the coin:

  • The trading of NILECOIN applies X11 algorithm, a more advanced one compared to SHA256. It guarantees utmost security.
  • NILECOIN is primarily used in integrating payment systems on large-commerce websites in countries such as Russia and Japan. Most people see it as a major breakthrough in financial revolution.
  • Mining systems give miners a chance to mine the coin right from their mobile devices, making the venture flexible and profitable.
  • NILECOIN is simple, safe and secure to use.

How NileCoin Software Works

NILECOIN platform has already been tested and proven to work. The software has powered more than 100M transactions, empowering users in more than 140 counties across the world. It helps people transact their funds quickly without having to use of expensive intermediaries. In order to popularize the platform and make it more efficient, the NILECOIN comes in handy.

Future Of NileCoin

Having been in the market for a while now and the fact that the software has enabled millions of transactions, there’s no doubt that NILECOIN will be a major coin in the financial industry. It’s simple to use, can be exchanged to a number of currencies, and attracts low fees. Those four reasons could see NILECOIN offer intense competition to other similar coins in the market.

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