Nilex ICO Review

As SEC scrutiny and media focus continues to bolster public interest in the creation of sophisticated exchanges, shareholder demands continue to shift. Many potential investors are no longer as interested as they once were in the concept of purchasing tokens with no innate value in the company linked to their sale.

The proliferation and exposing of hundreds of scams in the ICO market has made it even harder for companies to gain the trust of potential investors. Consequently, some organizations have begun to take drastic steps, making significant promises in a constant effort to keep readers engaged and financially interested.

What Is Nilex?

Nilex is one such company; their unique business model borrows its financial setup from the traditional investment sector. Rather than forcing consumers to rely on the hope that the coins they purchase during the ICO will rise at a rate comparable to the success of the company which sells them, Nilex is instead offering legitimate shares in their company, which purports to be a cryptocurrency exchange.

How Nilex Daily Profit Sharing Cryptocurrency Exchange Works

Very little substantive information is available regarding the exact specifications of the exchange proposed by this company. However, a few key selling points have been highlighted on their website, and these advantages provide key insight into the aspirations of the organization as they move into the newest phase of product development.

First, Nilex claims to be able to offer “the lowest trading rates” in the cryptocurrency industry. The opportunity for increased trade volume per user is further compounded when the company explains that they offer multiple fiat options, or ways to convert cryptocurrencies to local, physical currencies.

Additionally, multiple currency pairs are a feature Nilex hopes to tweak to the benefit of their user-base. Though many exchanges offer some form of currency pairing for trades, Nilex plans to offer “hundreds of pairs” of cryptocurrencies available for trade. The multiplicity of options for pairings is also extended to fiat trade for cryptocurrencies.

The most substantive technical detail provided on the main ICO page by Nilex comes in their “Security” section of their list of prominent site features. Boasting extended validation SSL and 256 bit encryption, Nilex seeks to employ the same level of cybersecurity used by major financial institutions all around the world.

Nilex NIX Token ICO Details

The most updated list of specifications on the ongoing Nilex fundraising project can be found on the company's whitepaper.

  • Around 912,500 NIX tokens sold to-date
  • The company is currently asking $0.75 per unit
  • 726 contributors means that the company is far from their target crowdsale number of 7,375,000.

Perhaps the most important consideration that separates Nilex's project from other similar exchange startups is the direct way that their tokens function. While most ICOs sell tokens which either represent a standalone currency linked in some way to the company's success or value in the product being created, Nilex's ICO functions more like a legitimate, traditional financial stock.

The company pledges to give 75% of the money made from exchange and trade fees to their shareholders. Naturally, owning more tokens entitles an investor to a larger share of the profits. The direct link of token-holdings to profits makes Nilex a unique example of a startup exchange seeking to revitalize interest and quell fears of unsubstantiated or unbacked investment on the part of speculators.

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