Nimbus Token NIM ICO Review

As the cryptocurrency world stands right now, cryptocurrencies are seen as a digital asset that can be used as digital goods. However there is no way for small businesses to expand using cryptocurrencies.

Nimbus Token offers a solution to this by being a platform for selling and bartering goods and services via cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

About the Nimbus Token NIM

The Nimbus Token platform allows businesses to fund projects via pre-sales. The advantage that Nimbus Token has over other cryptocurrency platform is that they have found a way to use Blockchain technology for any product or service. They enable blockchain technology to raise money for small business projects and crypto entrepreneurs.

The buyers of NIM token have immense amount of flexibility which gives it a long term validity. If a user doesn’t like the product offered, they can barter for another product or get a refund based on the sales the store has logged. This flexibility coupled with smart contracts, NIM token is a more useful cryptocurrency than a traditional one.

The Nimbus Token Platform is flexible enough to be used for any business projects. Using this platform, stores can raise their own money instead of struggling with venture capitalists or banks. NIM are used to open stores and unlock the ability to buy branded product tokens.

NIM token holders can open stores, raise money, expand their business, issue their own branded tokens or use their NIM to run stores for others. This is not only a system to sell products, it is the rise of an entire job class where people can create entire new careers that are currently unavailable in the FinTech world.

Types of Nimbus Token

The platform uses two types of tokens, NIM and NIMx; each with its own specifications:

  1. NIM: These are utility tokens that are sold during the token crowdsale. The tokens leftover from the crowdsale will be available to be mined.
  2. NIMx: They are product tokens. NIMx are used to denote different product tokens in the whitepaper. Platform users can barter one type of NIMx token(say NIM.MillerAvcdos) with another one(say NIM.ArizonaSpa).

About the Nimbus Token NIM ICO

The ICO sale is currently scheduled to get over on 25th March, 2018 but it might be extended depending on the market reaction. 1 ETH will fetch you 900 NIM. 40% of the funds will go to labor, 20% to marketing, 10% to facilities, 5% to Security, 3% to Legal, 7% to Infrastructure and 15% goes to the Reserve Fund.

The Nimbus Token NIM ICO Conclusion

The Nimbus Token has a very strong and experienced leadership. Their founder Storm Bear Williams has spent his career working for multiple silicon valley startups and Fortune 500s alike. He had crowdsourced a soldier support charity called which was featured on Oprah and People magazine.

Other people like John McAfee are senior strategist of the company. John McAfee as a programmer for NASA who later went on to crate one of the biggest antivirus company which bears his name till date. Nimbus Token has already signed a Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) with Comp Air Aviation of Titusville to manage cryptocurrency funding for their development of the Comp Air XFT.

Comp Air Aviation will seek $100 million USD in unique cryptocurrency and has an option to issue more cryptocurrency product tokens for a maximum of $200 million USD.

With a stunning team and a distinct vision Nimbus Token is destined to go far and beyond. If you want to learn more about them or participate in their ICO you can visit their site

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