Nimses, found online at, promises to pay you cryptocurrency just for passing time. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Nimses?

Nimses is a mobile app available for Android and iOS. You download the app, then “just live” your life. While the app is installed on your phone, the app will automatically turn minutes into digital coins called NIMs.

You live 43,830 minutes each month. That means you’ll get 43,830 Nims. You can choose how to spend your Nims.

The alpha for Nimses launched in January 2017. The project is led by a Kiev-based team.

How Does Nimses Coin ICO (NIM Token) Work?

Nimses is a mobile app that rewards you for just living. You receive one Nim for every minute you live – whether you’re online or offline.

Each human being on the planet is entitled to receive Nims based on the minutes they live. Users will go through a six step verification process to ensure they’re not collecting Nims through multiple profiles. The platform also emphasizes the lack of zombies, bots, and other fake accounts.

The mobile app doesn’t just track minutes in the day: it also functions as a wallet for Nims tokens. Your Nims are held within the Nimses app.

The entire platform is built on the Nimses Blockchain. The blockchain is designed specifically to protect the validity of the emission, storage, and transaction of each Nim. That means, according to the official website, that “the transformation of the lifetime of each person on the planet into the form of absolute capital is protected by an unchangeable data space with equal access for everyone.”

When you activate your Nimses Blockchain by downloading the app, you’ll get a unique personal encryption key. This key is stored on the device that has the Nimses application installed.

The total amount of Nims produced and gained by one person is accumulated into their individual account balance called the “Nimb”. You can manage your personal Nimb at any time using the Nimses app.

Nimses isn’t just a time tracking app: it also has social features and other unique functions.

Nimses has “Temples”, for example, that provide users with “a complete picture of the surrounding reality at any point of time.” The location and boundaries of each Temple will never change. They’re based in specific areas on the planet’s surface. The entire surface of Earth consists of approximately 1.6 million Temples.

All social activity of all people occurs within these Temples. These Temples also track the social activity of users. “Temple remembers everything that people want to share with each other,” explains the official website. “Every bit of how they express themselves. Temple is a unique model of social structure and behavior, a unique memory bank.”

You have social status within your Temple. Your social status is determined by the relevance of individual content. The important person is the one who creates the most in-demand content. If you’re considered the most important person in your Temple, then you’ll be called the “Temple’s Angel”.

The technical core of the Nimses platform is called the Global Treasury. This is the blockchain-based function that automatically generates Nims on a daily basis.

In the future, Nimses plans to launch an exchange where you can trade Nims into other cryptocurrencies (scheduled to launch in April 2018).

Meanwhile, in May 2018, Nimses plans to launch “Nimonomy”, which will be investment portfolios based on Nim.

Who’s Behind Nimses?

Nimses, Inc. was registered in Delaware, USA in 2016, although the company appears to be based in Kiev, Ukraine.

The platform first launched in early 2017. It became relatively popular in eastern Europe but was largely unknown in other parts of the world. Now, in 2018 as the platform has migrated to blockchain technology, the app is attracting a growing number of users worldwide.

You can contact the company by email at [email protected]

Nimses (NIM Token) Conclusion

Nimses makes time tangible, allowing you to covert the time you spend “living” into digital tokens called Nims. You access the platform through a mobile app for iOS and Android. After downloading the mobile app, you can interact with other users through “Temples”, which are geographically-based social structures where users can publicly share content. In the future, Nimses plans to launch a marketplace and other features. Today, Nimses is like a combination of a social network that pays you just for living.

To learn more about Nimses or to download the iOS and Android mobile apps, visit online today at

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