Changing the way your city works…

Can you imagine that by the year 2050, 70% of the population in the world will be living inside cities that only cover 2% of the earth’s actual surface? And, if we thought pollution was bad now, not to mention traffic – can you imagine what the next 30 years have in store for us?

NiQBiX is focused on changing that poor pattern of events before it occurs. They recognized that cities are already challenged and wanted to help solve foreseeable problems before they happen. You see, right now companies in the technology realm of things – focus on centralized systems. Which unfortunately, kills capabilities. Without an open system, we will struggle to implement today’s technologies with those of the future.

How Does NiQBiX Work?

The goal is for NiQBiX to develop hardware that will fulfill all the things necessary to help cities all over the world using green energy. The operating system that is focused on building, will work through the infrastructures of cities all over. This will help create a Smart Grid Software that will optimize the performance of every city.

However, each system will act independently on the grid. This, is because of the open source.

NiQBiX Optimizing Smart Grid City Software Tokens Benefits

Overall, users will be able to sell things like energy, data, server space, power, internet connections and more. And, this will be done using only cryptocurrency. What this is geared to do is create a free market between regular people like you and I.

Because NiQBiX will work alongside the IOTA’s micro payments system, users can expect no taxes and certainly no fees. This is why NiQBiX chose this payment system – aligns well with their own goals and future ideas. Tangle is the payment technology that will also compliment this structure moving forward.


Presently, the NiQBiX Token has a maximum supply of 2.500.000.000 NBQX. The concept, is that this token is more than just value to make store purchases. It is described to act additionally as the key inside NiQBiX’s Smart Cities.

Once all the tokens are sold, they will use the tokens to decide the next move. This will depend on how many tokens are in which cities. Once this is determined, users of the token will vote with their tokens in the cities that the users would like to see NiQBiX work on.

One (1) Ether = 40.000,00 NQBX (during the ICO, 1 Ether – 20.000,00)

A road map of the plans and strategies, along with the whitepaper is available on their website. There is still time left to take advantage of the presale and to be a part of their team.

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