Changing the Future of Copyright With NKOR

Many innovations are coming out of blockchain technology. That is probably the reason why many experts and critics alike tout it to provide a solution to many of our problems in the different sector. The latest area for blockchain to address is the use of copyright. With the internet illegal downloading and copyright infringement seem like issues we have come to accept.

The project is working on changing our copyright industry completely. NKOR NKR plans to do this by registering, tracking and distributing digital data. The platform will use an indexing technique and hash to protect, authenticate and time-stamp any data you upload. Once the data is on the Ethereum blockchain the user can easily track the movement and sharing of their digital data in any place of the world under one system.

Also, NKOR helps you prove the ownership and authenticity of data recorded on the blockchain. In return, anyone who needs to use your content requires your permission and content creators can sell their data and earn. The primary mode of a transaction on the platform is an NKOR token, which is used in monetization of the content.

How to Get on Board

Luckily NKOR accepts users from around the globe. Any willing participant can join the venture by purchasing an NKOR at a rate of $0.50. The company's first ICO is planned for March 3, running till April. The first phase will see sale of 200 million NKR tokens, with another 40 million for sale at a fixed price in ETH.

Once the token distribution is over, the funds are expected to further the development and expansion of the NKOR team. The initial crowd sale will accept both Ethereum and Bitcoin, whereas the Pre-sale will accept fiat currency from customers.

NKOR NKR Advantages

Although they exist similar projects like NKOR, it is wise to note that NKOR utilizes smart contracts instead of human mediators. The platform's ecosystem allows for content owners to securely distribute their data without interference or intervention from third-party entities. In essence, NKOR is a decentralized marketplace with no centralized authority, giving power back to the individuals.

Another significant from NKOR is the ability to help track content usage as it spreads. With copyright infringement on the rise, such a platform assures clients of licensing rights and content publishing protection.

Additionally, the level of content comparison, analysis and hashing will ensure the full protection of whatever content you create. This is made possible with the access of a copyright management toolkit. Such a tool will further help individuals make purchases, payment, and donations on any digitally created content.

NKOR NKR ICO Conclusion

Although not the first company to do this in the crypto field, NKOR solution stands out from the rest. The platform intends to help all content creators primarily artists, and writers in copyright issues.

With support for protection of intellectual property rights, only time will tell before people begin incorporating NKOR's technology. The complex legal issues related to copyright will be a thing of the past thanks to NKOR use of blockchain technology. And with brands and creators looking for a way to monetize their content for advertising, NKOR is set to witness more users signing up. This seems like an excellent chance to get on board before much of the public get a hold of such technology.

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