What Is NnBU/Neo Natal Birth Unit?

The neonatal birth unit (NnBU) is a gadget that seeks to improve the health condition of newborns delivered via caesarean section. The prototype for this revolutionary device is already in place, having been completed, tested and patented. However, mass production is yet to kickoff, primarily due to the colossal amount of money required to fund this auspicious project.

As a result, NnBU Holdings LTD, the company behind this project, are looking to conduct an ICO to raise the capital. The proceeds from the crowdsale will fund the mass production and distribution of NnBU devices. A world first, this gadget seeks to recreate natural-like birth conditions for babies born using C-section. This is achieved through massaging the infant’s torso as well as illuminating the baby’s fontanel to wake them up comfortably after delivery.

NnBU is a registered company in Cyprus that deals in the development of cutting-edge medical devices.

The Problem NnBU Seeks To Solve

Every year, approximately 40 million newborns are delivered through C-section worldwide. In recent years, this number has been on a significant rise. According to research, these babies are at more risk of contacting medical conditions as compared to natural born infants. In a survey conducted by the University of Edinburgh, such babies were found to be more predisposed to asthmatic conditions as well as obesity.

Scientists have also established a relationship between C-section babies and allergies, Celiac diseases and type-1 diabetes. This is because the stresses of natural delivery play a key role in stimulating the baby’s natural immunity.

The NnBU Postnatal Healthcare Device Solution

In addition to its already incredible features, the NnBU device will provide three extra components that are ran using blockchain technology. Firstly, the system will ensure that only personnel that have adequate training can access and operate the machines. Secondly, only trained individuals will be allowed to repair or service the units. Lastly, all deliveries handled by the gadgets will be stored on a distributed ledger. Consequently, any research on the aftermath of C-section babies can source their data from the NnBU blockchain database.

NnBU ICO Details

A total of 60 million tokens will be minted for the crowdsale. 12.5% of the total (7.5 million tokens) will go to the reserves. The pre-sale event started on March 19, lasting for six days. 15 million tokens were allowed to this event. The ICO proper started on 26th March and will run up to 25th April, 2018. NnBU expects to sell 37.5 million tokens during this period. Throughout the crowdsale, tokens are sold on a first come first serve basis.

NnBU intends to raise €15 million during the ICO. Therefore, the expected minimum contribution for each token holder is set at 1 ETH. This cap is hardcoded to the smart contracts, meaning that the system automatically declines investments that fall below this threshold.

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