The resurgence of mining as a valid way to gain access to coins has several implications for the cryptocurrency community. In particular, the popularity of group mining companies and efforts continues to cause problems for users seeking increased computer autonomy and cybersecurity.

In order to allow users a way to avoid this issue while they surf the web, No Coin is an application available for free on Google Chrome. No Coin markets itself as a simple way for users to prevent mining corporations from pirating their CPU power for their mining operations. Additionally, several key features help to make this problem among the most unique on the market.

This guide seeks to provide truthful information regarding the Google add-on No Coin, a program with primary directives to prevent unauthorized usage by mining corporations.

About No Coin Do – How Does It Work?

When massive mining companies need to gain CPU and power, its needs sometime surpass the amount of energy they could normally get. Sometimes companies, in order to offset this loss, find crafty ways to gain access to some of the excess power produced on computers surfing the web.

Naturally, this creates a massive problem for tech-savvy web explorers. As developers began to notice decreases in available CPU that remained somewhat unexplained, the need arose for programs that can block the efforts of these mining corporations while the user explores the internet.

No Coin provides a simple, user-friendly interface to do this with several unique pros.

no coin block web miners

Pros Of No Coin

First, the program has garnered largely positive reviews of its function as a blocker of cryptocurrency mining efforts from other computers.

Additionally, the company boasts that this program gives users an easy way to briefly turn off the virtual firewall and allow mining efforts. This becomes important when one realizes the prevalence of such technologies in verifications services, like CAPTCHA.


No Coin is a simple program that allows web-surfers a self-regulating and easy way to prevent the pirating of their CPU and power by big mining corporations.

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