No Man's Sky Video Game Features Hidden Bitcoin To Find And It's Yours

There's something cool that's happened, Jon Creasy, cryptocurrency professional investor – recently hid some .004 BTC in the open world game No Man's Sky. The free Bitcoin is located on a pair of planets in some of the games specialized buildings.

Creasy, claims that he will soon be hiding a lot more Bitcoin; apparently his love for the game is insane. He wants to see more people play it which is why he's giving rewards out for it. Jon Creasy also believes that Gamers can help bring cryptocurrency to the mainstream public.

It makes sense considering that Gamers use cryptocurrency on a regular basis. And the more Gamers that get involved, the better it is for the industry. The industry needs a boost as there are currently less than a million active cryptocurrency users worldwide.

Gamers are also Risk Takers; they want to be a part of the new wave technology. Hopefully, gamers can help the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. in fact, the entire gaming industry could be built on it.

Just look at Steam, who is 2016, starting to accept Bitcoin for payments. Stevens global platform, the meaning of brought many people into the cryptocurrency industry. Cryptocurrency is even being given out as rewards for Quality Gamers now.

With the help of gamers, it would be easier to bring cryptocurrency to the rest of the world. The gaming industry is one of the largest, most progressive industries in the world.

Are you a gamer? Also, if so, are you also a cryptocurrency user?

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