no postage necessary film to release on qtum blockchain technology

Hollywood has always has had a fascination with Wall Street movies. They always seem to provide fodder for good entertainment, there are eccentric over the top characters, lavish lifestyle, a rag to riches story or drug and sex fueled drama. Now Hollywood is turning its eyes on Cryptocurrencies. However, it's not based on the theme of cryptocurrencies but for distribution of the movie. This is a pivotal point in history for the entertainment industry as it might be marking the beginning of the end of piracy.

The film will be available to view by using Vevue, a Qtum DApp and a video distribution platform. A person can pay to stream the film using Vevue tokens, which is a QRC20 supported token. Qtum is the Blockchain technology supporting this entire endeavor. The debut of the film in June 2018 will mark the first ever feature film to be available to stream on a blockchain platform and available to purchase using Qtum. They have a sound marketing model as when you watch the movie on Vevue and share it, you get some Qtum as reward.

The story marks the journey of a cyber-genius who can hack a multi-billion dollar corporation in minutes. The whole situation of a movie about bitcoin being the first ever to be released on blockchain is pretty serendipitous.

Talking about serendipity, it was by chance that Jeremy Culver, the director of the movie met Thomas Olson of Vevue when both their projects were doing finishing touches on the end model. Qtum is the only truly decentralized platform that will be able to support the transaction load. This partnership comes at the perfect time.

As much as crypto enthusiasts all over the world are excited to see the model work, big studios are also keeping a close eye on the movie. If the movie succeeds, this technology will shake one of the most impenetrable industries in the world.

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