Noah Project & PayRemit Collaboration Expands Filipino Worker Payment Options

The Collaboration Between Payremit And Noah Project On Expanding Its Payment Options

The main mission of Noah Project is to formulate and offer its customers blockchain-based solutions. Since 2016 they have focused on bridging the gap between Filipinos and Japanese living overseas with their countries. The project has recently collaborated with PayRemit to make this possible.

PayRemit is of the largest and most established payment platforms in the Philippines. The platform is utilized by the citizens to make numerous purchases online. The company has enabled Filipinos living overseas to purchase different products and services online. It has enhanced the accessibility to a wide variety of online outlets offering different goods and services. Transactions can be carried out using the online wallet or via PayRemit agents.

Implications Of The Payment Gateway To Filipinos

The members of Noah Project have foreseen that collaboration with PayRemit will enhance the efficiency of online transactions. Noah Project-PayRemit collaboration will not only empower immigrant workers but enhance the country’s economic growth. Empowerment and economic growth will be achieved via numerous digital transactions that will be carried out via these platforms.

Since the inception of Noah Project, customers have been able to utilize Noah Coins in numerous ways. The collaboration between the two parties will offer them new opportunities for purchasing items online from any location. The efficiency between the payment gateway and traditional methods will be significantly different. PayRemit and Noah coins will be flexible and fast compared to the normal traditional methods.

Uses Of The Payment Gateway Services

Filipinos living in the country and those working overseas will be able to access numerous businesses via the payment gateway. Purchases will be made using the Noah coins. With accessibility to the internet, PayRemit and Noah coins citizens will be able to purchase all of the favorite products.

Sendah, a gift shop, and Goldilocks, a famous bakeshop, will enable their customers to purchase using the PayRemit-Noah Project services. BeamAndGo a company specialized in selling essentials such as groceries and medicine online will allow the use of PayRemit and Noah coins. In addition, Filipinos will be able to pay for bills such as electricity and telecommunication using the Noah coins. Purchase of flight tickets from airlines such as the Cebu Pacific Air will be done using the PayRemit and Noah Project’s services.

Government institutions that have collaborated with PayRemit will enable citizens overseas to pay for services using Noah coins. Payment of essential government services will be easily achieved from any location. The connection between overseas Filipinos and the family will be enhanced via these services.

The first step of purchasing products on PayRemit is to select the item. The second step involves choosing the most preferred mode of payment. PayRemit then sends a unique reference number which can then be used to make payments using Noah coins on their website.

Final Thoughts

Online transactions will be possible on more than 100 outlets. Purchases will be done using the Noah coins via the PayRemit platform. Consequently, geographical borders will be dissolved as transactions in the Philippines will be carried out via any preferred location.

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