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Noble Bitcoin, found online at, lets you buy bitcoin and Ethereum with your 401(k) or IRA. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Noble Bitcoin?

Noble Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency IRA custodian. The company began offering Ethereum and bitcoin retirement products in April 2018. Noble Bitcoin will allow customers to buy cryptocurrencies, then hold cryptocurrencies in their IRAs. The company will also hold all cryptocurrencies in a secure facility in cold storage – the same facility where that company stores precious metals for clients.

Today, the homepage features an entry field where you can input your first name, last name, email address, and phone number to receive a free guide on bitcoin investing. The guide will explain how to rollover all or a portion of your retirement savings account into a bitcoin IRA.

The website describes a bitcoin IRA as “a smart way to diversify your investments.”

Noble Bitcoin isn’t a brand new startup: the company is the cryptocurrency division of an existing company called Noble Gold Investments, which specializes in helping customers add heavy metals to their retirement savings accounts.

How Does Noble Bitcoin Work?

Noble Bitcoin lets you add bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies to your retirement savings accounts. You can rollover a portion or all of your IRA into cryptocurrencies.

Supported cryptocurrencies include bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.

You can start a bitcoin IRA rollover with multiple types of retirement savings accounts, including your 401k, 403b, 457b, ROTH, TSP, SEP, SIMPLE, TRA, or TSA IRA.

Of course, Noble Bitcoin isn’t the only company offering cryptocurrency-based IRA products. So what makes Noble Bitcoin different? Why should you select them over other providers?

Noble Bitcoin emphasizes its strong track record. The company has a long and proven track record of providing retirement savings account products to customers. They have 25+ years of IRA experience, for example. They’ve provided over $200 million of “alternative currency assets” to customers over the years – including precious metals and similar products designed for your investment savings account.

Noble Bitcoin also emphasizes fast service: the company claims they can complete the paperwork required for a bitcoin IRA in under 5 minutes regardless of where the client is currently located.

Another unique thing about Noble Bitcoin is that the company plans to offer insured cold storage for cryptocurrency investors. That means customers who purchase cryptocurrencies from the company can relax knowing that their assets are being stored in insured cold storage. Insured cold storage means your digital assets – like bitcoin – are held away from the internet in a secure location. Your private keys are stored on a hardware wallet or similar solution for maximum security.

Noble Bitcoin specifically plans to store its customers’ bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple in cold storage in the IDS-Texas depository. All assets are insured – so customers will not lose money if a compromise occurs. The facility is described as “a high tech, ultra-secure facility, with various measures in place to help protect the assets stored there.” That facility is also the place where Noble Bitcoin stores its gold, silver, and platinum precious metals for customers.

Overall, Noble Bitcoin takes care of everything related to bitcoin IRA investing, including the initial purchase of coins and tokens as well as the long-term storage of the assets.

About Noble Bitcoin

Noble Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency division of Noble Gold Investments, an investment product company specializing in adding precious metals to your retirement savings accounts.

Key members of the Noble Gold Investments team include Charles Thorngren (CEO) and Collin Plume (President).

Thorngren has two decades of experience in financial investments and precious metals, while Plume has 15+ years of experience in property insurance, commercial real estate, and precious metals investments.

Noble Bitcoin and Noble Gold Investments are based in Pasadena, California. Noble Gold Investments also operates under the name Noble Alternative Investments.

Noble Bitcoin Conclusion

Noble Bitcoin is a new bitcoin IRA service launched by a California-based company that previously specialized in precious metals IRA investing. The company will allow customers to add bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple to all types of IRAs. You can roll-over some or all of your IRA into cryptocurrencies.

Like other bitcoin IRA custodians, you can expect to pay relatively high fees for Noble Bitcoin – including high setup fees and high ongoing maintenance fees. Make sure you understand the entire fee structure upfront, because Noble Bitcoin doesn’t disclose its fees on its official website.

To learn more about Noble Bitcoin or to start planning your bitcoin IRA today, visit online at

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