Nocta ICO

The sex industry is as old as civilization itself and the sex leisure market exceeds $200 billion USD right now. There are some general problems associated with aggregating this business. A vast majority of customers and most of offerers prefer to keep their identity incognito, however this has been a difficult problem to handle. Security, mainly of the sexworkers also has been an issue of concern. Customers face issues with quality control.

Nocta has the solution to these problems by creation of specialized, global, decentralized platform with an advanced rating system.

About Nocta

Nocta is the first worldwide platform for organizing sex leisure. By having filters that allow to select a location, type of service, budget,etc; Nocta allows to accurately adjust your plans. You can find what you need, find information about the service, read feedbacks, give feedback and use anonymous payment systems. These attributes make it convenient and fit for long-term use.

It is a marketplace where customers and sex workers have their own cabinets.

User’s personal cabinet:

It contains information about their balance, favourite preference and preset filters for different geolocations.

Offerer’s personal cabinet:

This primarily consists of a personal setting page which lets you choose list of services provided, prices for each, media-content. Offerers can request for the information about customer’s balance and ratings anytime.

Blockchain tech excludes any rating wrapping or review falsifications, so the customer may not worry about service quality.

Advantages of Nocta

For Sexworkers:

  • Increased safety: The employee will be assess the ratings of the customers given on previous experiences.
  • Guaranteed payments: Nocta only allows a customer to book a service when they have balance remaining in their account.
  • Wide marketing opportunities: The offerers vave a wide reach through Nocta’s channel.
  • Union merger: Unions are looked down upon by the capitalistic society, however Nocta gives the workers opportunity to unionize.
  • Work from anywhere: All you have to do is change your location and you will have the ability to choose customers from new location.

For Customers:

  • Free and Easy to use: A customer needs to login and they get to browse through the content.
  • Anonymous: The platform doesn’t require any personal information.
  • Secure payments: They provide on-platform transaction on their own blockchain.
  • Service quality: Customers can use the rating system to find best service possible.
  • Custom orders: If a user cannot get the desired result, they can create custom request with the description of service.

Nocta ICO Main Token Distribution

Token distribution will be on Ethereum platform. Main rate is 12,600 NOCTA for 1ETH. Hardcap of the MTD is 2450 ETH. Early participants receive 30% bonus with the rate of 16,800 per ETH. A total of 300 million NOCTA token will be there in the supply and they will be distributed as follows:

  • 65.5% locked in for in-platform purchase
  • 29% is allocated for public token sale
  • 3% is given to the team. This has a lock in period for 9 months.
  • 1.5% is reserved for the Bounty program.
  • 1% is for Advisors and Experts who help in product development.

NOCTA is the ERC20 utility token issued for getting access to the platform additional functions. After the end of Nocta blockchain development process, NOCTA ERC20 tokens will be swapped to the platform’s inner coin at the rate of 1 to 1.

Nocta ICO Conclusion

Nocta solves the central problems of leisure industry for adults, for both the workers and customers. If you want more information about their product or want to participate in their ICO, visit their website


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