Node Power Basics

Aimed at advancing wireless technology, Node Power is focused on both the transfer of electronic energy and the rise of cryptocurrency economies.

With a groundbreaking development in wireless energy exchanges, Node Power has simultaneously established a token system, produced out of and included in blockchain technology, which essentially safeguards security and transparency between cryptocurrency transactions.

Node is currently undergoing several rounds of pre-ITO token distribution before the official launch to allow potential investors and consumers to claim their stake in the platform. At the time of writing, approximately 251,000 of the desired 750,000 tokens have been accumulated, with the current distribution period ending in about 13 days.

Node Power Products

Developed as a platform that participates in multiple cutting edge markets, Node revolutionizes the exclusive niche of wireless technology by radically improving the efficiency of existing energy transmitting tools for both private and commercial use.

As a high-tech start-up, Node combines innovative developments in both design and electronics for the accumulation and transmission of electricity. Electromagnetic waves, which are always interacting with each other and passing through different materials and lenses, provide the foundation for Node products. With the focus on these waves, this company is creating a new mindset and type of product for the wireless market.

Currently two Node products are in the prototype production stage: the Alpha, a flexible pad for the charging of several devices at once, and the Eon, a charging station ideal for the desktop and with the ability to charge several devices without physical connection. Both are featured with a reasonable price point and a transfer efficiency rate up to 90%.

Both products function on a remote system that transmits electrical energy to multiple power sources. Data indicates that this technology is compatible with existing electronics and will continue to easily work with future innovations.

Additionally, the ability to charge multiple devices eliminates wires and saves space with their ergonomic designs, while offering a simple and convenient solution for the everyday consumer.

The development team behind Node appears to include some of the top scientists in the wireless technology field, with support from top researchers and marketing specialists.


With innovative products, Node combines the rising cryptocurrency market. Potential investors and consumers are able to purchase NODE tokens as a fundraising strategy.


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