With blockchain technology continually making headlines, it would be safe to say that the innovation could disrupt pretty much every industry that the economy has to offer. Consequently, this means the next generation of blockchain disruption could make the freelancing sector its following area of disturbance. How could blockchain technology influence the freelance economy?

Usually, it's not all rosy for freelancers as they face multiple shortcomings due to the systems, clients, and employers. While these challenges make the industry seem less attractive, there is a possibility that all these difficulties could soon be a thing of the past. With its variety of versatile and specific properties, the technology could make the potential not just for the freelancers but rather all participants in the freelancing community.

Here is one such venture that is already on course to disrupt the industry with its version of the crypto-based blockchain solution for freelancers.

What Is Nodelancer?

NODELANCER is a freelancing blockchain platform that aims to make a subtle difference in how the freelancing sector works by utilizing blockchain technology to build a more independent and trustworthy platform. The platform plans to offer a decentralized structure from where clients can seek the services of freelancers to accomplish tasks and micro-jobs they would want.

Nodelancer Blockchain Micro-Job Freelancing Features

The Nodelancer platform further plans to incorporate the following features to allow for stakeholders within the industry to quickly get their requirements.

  • Access- to access the Nodelancer platform, participants can utilize the Nodelancer website and mobile applications provided by the project.
  • Micro-jobs marketplace- clients who want small and medium tasks delivered can register and seek the services of the freelancers provided by Nodelancer
  • Fees-Nodelancer will only charge a maximum fee of 1% for each transaction within the freelancing community.
  • Crypto token-the Nodelancer token (PARDI) is the primary currency for the platform and will facilitate payments between the participants, and pay for the chargeable fees.

Nodelancer Benefits & Risks

The apparent interests that would come with using Nodelancer include

  • Immutable-the use of blockchain technology allows for Nodelancer to have a secure record of all the transactions taking placing. Consequently, this means the freelancing environment has a permanent record of all agreements between the clients and freelancers.
  • Safe and secure transactions thanks to the database working on the scalable blockchain capabilities for users.
  • Low fees at 1% charge per transaction, Nodelancer will have overcome the typical exploitation freelancer face with the exorbitant prices and exchange rates.

Nodelancer RDI Token ICO Details

The Nodelancer Pre-ICO starting April 3rd and ends on April 10th. The first stage of the ICO
will launch on April 17th and finish on May 7th. The second and final stage of the ICO will start on May 17th and will finish on May 31st. An investment in the RDI token can be made using Ethereum.

Nodelancer Final Word

While there are indeed potential benefits that come with using Nodelancer, I still feel the whole project even lacks enough merit for me to recommend it. That is large because Nodelancer will have to rely on adoption within the freelancing community. Additionally, there is no guarantee on how the platform plans to sustain the crypto token to ensure low rates of volatility. Overall, Nodelancer is rather poor at showcasing their platform, but their platform does have a solid concept behind it.

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