After an eventful 2018 for BCH that saw the coin fork into BCHABC and BCHSV in November, another hard fork is being slated for May this year. According to a live stream to discuss the events, developers have agreed that the hard fork will not be contentious. The participants of the live stream include major software developers on the BCH network.

As usual, a hard fork is supposed to occur when developers have serious disagreements about a given blockchain. For the Bitcoin Cash network, two hard forks normally take place each year where developers are required to upgrade to the necessary software so as to continue their operations.

How Is Consensus Being Promoted On The BCH Network?

BCH has come to the conclusion that open communication is vital to ensure the survival of the network. The BCH team held an open Livestream where developers openly discussed various issues. The proposals made by the developers are readily available on GitHub.

Developers on the network believe that by holding regular meetings of about two sessions a month, BCH chain will remain united and free of any controversies. BCH has a multi-team approach to issues on the protocol which if not handled with care and diligence may escalate into an ugly fork. Such a scenario was witnessed when nChain developers broke off to work on Bitcoin SV after the November hard fork.

What Upgrades Have Been Proposed For BCH?

From the recent live stream, nothing drastic was put forward. However, there were proposals to introduce backend efficiencies which would help with scaling issues facing the protocol. There was a discussion of integrating Schnorr Signatures in the BCH network which currently being used on all Bitcoin networks. However, the participants agreed that a thorough review of the cryptograph would need to be done before the integration occurs.

There was also a discussion of how the number of unconfirmed transactions on the network could be raised to 25. Various BCH related platforms including Roger Ver’s had received support for such a proposal.

One of the constant items that kept popping up during the live stream on who would have ownership for the proposals made. It emerged that it was important for a group of people to own the proposals so that they would follow up on their implementation.

All in all, vital points were discussed during the meeting and the participants hoped that such events would bear fruits in the future and help keep the BCH network stable.

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