NordCoin ICO (MMC Token) Mobile Crypto Mining Provider Launches In July

NordCoin is a platform that is known for their mobile mining options, but they want to pursue more opportunities. They recently announced today that they would be establishing a new ICO that will help them with the funding that they need to establish somewhere between 28 and 30 new unites that will make it possible for mobile mining. This effort will help them to recreate the same success that the other four units have had, but at a much greater capacity.

Mobile Mining Container Units are the physical products that use MMC technology, which is another product of NordCoin. Basically, the tech lets units remain self-contained and can be controlled remotely, which means that miners do not have to deal with variables like the cost of energy or the cost of space. The containers each cover 40 feet of space and can be moved anywhere in the entire world.

The container as a whole is a dense data center. The whole area is setup to maintain modular housing racks and to powerup the mining units. However, with a balanced climate, the performance of the hardware and network connection is solid.

These units were originally developed in the middle of last year, which was a project from the support of investors that wanted to prove the MMC theory. As a result, the prototype they designed used an initial investment of $430,000, eliciting a hash rate of 53 GH/s.

Right now, these designs have made it possible to setup 4 separate MMCs, which happened in November, Mark, April, and June. By increasing their capital through an ICO, the company should have enough funds to develop almost three dozen units. To ensure that this setup can take place, they have a contract with the Viru Keemia Group, who is an electricity supplier in the area.

In a statement from board member Hermes Brambat of NordCoin, he said,

“Our vision at NordCoin is to create a solution that will drastically improve the profitability of the crypto-mining current model. With today’s launch, we are taking a major step in that direction. The Mobile Mining Container technology is set to profoundly change the cryptocurrencies economy as we know it, by facilitating the transport of hundreds of miners at once.”

The ICO is set to launch on July 16th at midnight GMT. The ICO will run for an entire month until August 16th at 11:59pm GMT, though it could end sooner if the maximum issue volume is reached. During the first round of the ICO, participants will get a 10% bonus. Only 10,965,000 of the 12,900,000 tokens will be available. The only thing that users have to do is sign up on the platform for the ICO, which can be viewed at

NordCoin has been around since 2014, as a result of the support from enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. With MMC technology, they hope to expand from Estonia to the Nordics for more performance.

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