As announced through their media, the Dragon Foundry team of developers is now taking a significant step towards the future regarding to their debut release, the NovaBlitz game, available now on Steam.

About NovaBlitz

The game is out for a couple of months now, and the expectations by their kickstarter supporters were huge and it seems the team is listening, and responding fast, every single feedback when it comes to bug fixing and the improvement of the platform, even though it is noticeable they should have invested more in creating a passionate and caring fanbase, that will not just support the game financially, but will keep playing it for the next months, years, or so.

Their Kickstarter campaign was successful on the goal, but now they changed the pace of the game, going from a Collectible Card Game (CCG), to a Trading Card Game (TCG), implementing a whole new system that will start on December 1st, later this year.

Previously, it was one of the goals from the Kickstarter campaign, and as stated on the most recent update, it is a system not just essential for their game, but to the whole community of digital card games worldwide.

Based on an Initial Coin Offering, or ICO, they are counting on the fans of the game to back up the creation of an entire economy system inside the game that will allow you to make transactions, backed up by real money investment when buying the Nova Tokens, allowing the creation of something very similar to the Blockchain system. And the more Tokens you get, the more card games you receive in exchange.

The whole deal of their new system, the “Nova Token platform”, consists on a simple concept where you can actually own the cards available to you, so they allow you to commercialize it, not just using their market, but also a third party marketplace, search and buy new ones to making you seek better cards to implement your deck, so then you can win more competitions with money prizes, or resell it. Previous contributors have a leg start, since they will receive more Tokens in regards to their investment.

ICO’s are stated as new and risky to the ones who make it, because they may not reach their goal, meaning they will have to return funds, even to veterans on cryptocoins, some countries even classify them as illegal because they are not regulated yet. But indeed, it really is a great alternative path they are taking to release an entire new cryptocurrency market surrounding their game card system.

NovaBlitz Conclusion

Companies like Valve and Blizzard are nothing without community, one that keeps buying and investing because they believe on receiving a huge excitement in exchange. As said before, what lacks initiative on the developers; is the will to market the game, make it exciting to the players so they expect something much more from it, unfortunately, the opinions on NovaBlitz are mixed and not very confident, they did not delivered something much more as a nice game with potential, making people shy to back up this attempt of a new system.

You can download NovaBlitz for free on Steam, back them up on Kickstarter, and read from the developers on their website.

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