NOVEM is a gold cryptocurrency token that embraces safety, transparency, and trust. The safest gold cryptocurrency token in the world connects the immutable blockchain technology with LBMA-certified physical gold.

Gold Is The #1 Store Of Value

For centuries, both nations and individuals have used gold as a store of value. All the same, trading with gold requires one to validate both the quantity and the ownership of the resource. This has been a challenge over the years to date. Against this backdrop, NOVEM Gold seeks to transform the precious metal industry by using advanced blockchain technology. Through the creation of immutable, secure, and distributable ledger of ownership, the platform aims to deliver surety for gold buyers, refiners, investors, and traders. By this, it aims to bring the age-old concept of wealth storage into the 21st century.

Based In Liechtenstein, Stored In Germany

No one can mention gold and financial security without mentioning the two countries. For that reason, NOVEM is based in Liechtenstein while the gold reserves are stored safely in Frankfurt, Germany. Liechtenstein is one of the safest fields for cryptocurrency businesses. This brings the perfect foundation for building gold-backed cryptocurrency tokens.

Introducing The 999.9 And NOVEM Tokens

NOVEM works with cryptographically secured tokens and any transaction that users can make with them. This is possible through a globally distributed ledger that no individual or government entity can alter. This is the ideal way to record and control ownership of items of value, especially gold. With the NEO blockchain, the platform has developed two cryptocurrency tokens.

The 999.9 (Gold-Backed) Token

This token directly links to physical gold. It takes its name from the common purity of measure of gold, which is 999.9.

  • 100 tokens equal 1 gram of gold
  • Can be traded on the blockchain (classed as a ‘stable coin’ due to its price being linked to real gold)
  • Token price is tied to the gold price
  • The token is classed as a security
  • Gold reserves certified by LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) – the world’s most respected gold authority
  • 999.9 tokens are not part of the ITO (initial token offering)
  • Will be tradable on Security Token Exchanges
  • Will be audited by an independent auditing company on a regular basis

NOVEM (Utility token)

NVM, a true utility token is ideal for paying for services and trading costs relating to the 999.9 Gold Token

  • Users receive bonuses when they purchase physical gold
  • Built on the NEO blockchain
  • Provides additional benefits for current and future partners
  • Bonus paid when used to buy gold
  • Can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges

    With these tokens, the platform is transforming how people buy, sell, and store gold throughout the world. Besides, their blockchain solutions for both gold ownership and trading make it easy and safe for people around the globe to buy gold and trade value on exchanges.

The First Gold-Backed Token On The NEO Blockchain

NOVEM operates on the premise that NEO:

“utilizes the blockchain technology and digital identity to digitize assets and automate the management of digital assets using smart contracts.”

The platform settled on the NEO blockchain not only because of its incredible functionality and developer community but also because of its soon-to-be proof against attacks from quantum computers. This implies long-term safety for token holders, which is important when addressing significant quantities of gold.

Reasons For Choosing NOVEM Tokens

You own the gold: unlike some ‘gold tokens,’ you actually own real gold with NOVEM tokens, stored safely with Loomis AB in Frankfurt—one of the world’s most trusted cash and precious metal handling and storage companies.

Better gold prices: the platform’s relationship with key industry players including refineries implies they can offer highly competitive gold prices for purchases.

The benefit of deflation: only a small percentage of total company revenue is used to buy back NVM utility tokens. This creates further scarcity.

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