nTezos Cryptocurrency

The Tezos project has been in the middle of many difficulties throughout the journey to making their platform and Mainnet active, which is well-known in the crypto industry. However, there are some reports that suggest that their difficulties could cause the project to “fork” before the launch is active. Even though this kind of problem is always unfortunate, the long string of problem with Tezos makes it rather predictable.

Tezos is in the middle of a lot of issues, since the path to the eventual launch has been riddled with roadblocks. These problems have caught the attention of critics and skeptics in the crypto industry, and there are even a few unresolved lawsuits against the creators of the platform. Yet another threat to the laundry is a new project development called nTezos, which is a much different campaign, throwing a fork in the project.

With the nTezos offspring from the Tezos project, there are some processes that seem to be improvements. First, there will be no need for KYC checks, which is something that has concerned many of the original Tezos investors from the beginning. Next, nTezos handles the token allocation in the same way as the original Tezos project, but no special rewards will be issued to consumers that have created it.

Many crypto enthusiasts wonder if these projects can even be considered legitimate, considering the problems of the project’s predecessor. Right now, everything indicates that the nTezos project has a committed team that will put the process through in one way or another. Even though nTezos has no affiliation with the Tezos foundation, some people may be interested in the fork in the platform, though there is still the curiosity on whether it will be launched at all.

With so many questions left to be answered, the only thing that investors and consumers can do is wait. There is plenty of drama and excitement left before the launch, though the big question will be which one of the platforms, if any, launch at all. Though it is a strange circumstance, it definitely brings entertainment value to the industry.

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