A new 5G network launches soon, built for high capacity and speed, NTT Docomo will facilitate the system in conjunction with VeChain.

VeChain highly anticipates the new partnership considering that NTT is Japan’s biggest telecommunications company there is. The new network will be functional at some time in 2020.

VeChain is primarily an advanced blockchain technology company, who will work closely with NTT to give the network heightened levels of security. The primary purpose of the system is to improve Japan’s telecommunication services with upgraded security and speed. First operations of the collaboration will be in the industrial sector. More specifically, the two companies will focus on tracking capabilities with the supply chain of various industries. Japan needs more efficient traceability within the industry, and VeChain is attempting to meet the country’s need via blockchain technology.

There is a lot of excitement with both companies because of the collaboration, who see a lot of ways they can improve several industries together. Following the partnership, other companies have also taken notice and are looking to partner with VeChain as well, thanks to their superior blockchain management capabilities. Many believe the network will be the strongest there is, beating out other companies attempts to do the achieve the same solutions.

It makes sense that others believe in the potential of the two companies, especially considering the already massive levels of success NTT Docomo has inside Japan’s telecommunications industry. The tech company isn’t just working inside the telecom industry; however, they are also diving into new tech for cloud services, content, payment processing and AR/VR. The numerous sectors the company has their hands in is expanding on a constant basis as well.

With the new partnership will come modern industrial usage like never seen. More connections will spring up, as well as the possibility of new technologies operating inside the 5G network. The telecommunications endeavor has significant backing by some of the most advanced technological business entities in the country. Namely Sony and MUFG Bank, among others. With companies like these two giants investing into the network, it’s only a matter of time before several other large and respected brands follow their lead as well.

When do you think 5G networks will hit the United States? And when it happens, who will be the responsible company? Leave your answers in the comment section below.

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