For a long-term now, Cryptocurrency users have been in charge of their private and sensitive data details through various services. The data, however, is at the mercy of system abusers and hackers. Nuggets come to put a stop to this through its decentralized system.

The platform intends to give users full control of their security details through giving them access to a user-friendly bio-metric tool. Through the use of this tool, individuals can verify their identity, logins and conduct payments.

How Does Nuggets Work?

The platform intends to ensure more secure online payment transactions through the use of credit and debit cards. Users also, get an option to add their favorite payment modes on various digital payment systems including the Android pay.

Also, through the platform, individuals will be able to build their clouds of personal data, with exclusive codes. Therefore, no other second party; not even the Nuggets employees get a clue of user information. Users share this information with whoever they wish on their terms.

Additionally, the use of the blockchain technology ensures that the data in the system remains safe and accurate without corruption from a second party. Users store their nugget tokens here for easy accessibility and use whenever there is the need. After the launch of the platform in the United Kingdom, consumers get to access it through Google Play store and Apple Store, while businesses get it through banks and relevant retailer sites.

The official crypto coin for this platform is the NUG token that users will have to purchase to access specific rights. The tokens accept the use of Bitcoins, Ethereum, and other fiat cryptocurrencies. Through this, the platform brings together businesses and buyers to interact in a secure environment while purchasing and selling goods and services.

The NUG token goes for $0.016 at the public sale, with the pre-sale period closure in December 2017.Through this, the developers of the platform aim at raising over $50 Million in the form of token sales that could cater for both the Nuggets platform and steer long-term profitability.

The NUG token is a utility token that enables users to log in, sign up pay and verify their accounts. They also have an option to reveal some of their personal information in exchange for tokens. The use of tokens also spread to the purchase of various products and services within the ecosystem.

To Invest Or Not?

The introduction of nuggets into the current market stands to change the future of online transactions. The platform provides critical features for the protection of both online businesses and buyers. With the guaranteed transparency promises on all deals, users get to enjoy personal details privacy at the sometime. Also, the Nuggets for e-commerce seems an excellent idea as there are higher chances of the platform succeeding as a privacy-centered online platform.

Nevertheless, Nuggets doesn't rank among the most prominent coins in the marketplace. Maybe this could be because the developers don't offer any information on their plans to add the tokens for an exchange.

Nugget Verdict

If you are an individual who values privacy, then the platform has what you need. However, the lack of interest to place Nugget tokens on exchange means they can only be used within the ecosystem. Therefore, if you are searching for some flexibility in investment, then Nuggets won't offer that, at least not anytime soon.

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