NuHelp NHT ICO Review

NuHelp: Blockchain’s Very Own Marketplace for Service Providers

The latest trend in the blockchain world is the use of a decentralized application of the technology. Fortunately, the patterns in the blockchain world result in several useful ventures. And the technology is not short in an experiment of decentralized applications. One such enterprise is the NuHelp platform. The project has for a while promised to provide a decentralized use (DApp) to connect individuals to trusted service providers.


There are several ways that NuHelp plans to achieve its service providers’ platform and the blockchain technology. First off, the decentralized application works on EOS platform instead of Ethereum. The EOS.IO is a blockchain software that allows for the vertical and horizontal scaling of the application. It is a sort of blockchain technology that gives users the chance to create another platform on the already existing blockchain.

The Hybrid wallet is also another tool for the NuHelp to gain an edge. One can store their credit cards, NuHelp tokens or cash in a single wallet. Additionally, there is also the use of smart contracts. These contracts help keep the marketplace safe by ascertaining that both parties consent to the transaction.

There is also a NuHelp app that is on course to provide the services to the standard crypto user. The app will make it convenient to purchase NU-credits by users of the ecosystem.

How NuHelp Works

The NuHelp application is the sole channel that allows for user individuals to pay their service providers through either cash, credit card on the Nu-token. On the other hand, service providers can bid on the job on offer by end users.

Once a job assignment is won, the Nu-credits revert to the Nu-help. There are several exchanges provided for those in need of Nu-credits. There isn't much information on the basics of the application since most of its development is still in its initial development phase.

The Downside

Although a much practical project for service providers, NuHelp still has a lot to achieve before it becomes a household name. The project is relatively new, and I anticipate a while before service providers can entrust the site to spread their goods and services. Most of the blockchain aspects of the platform are under development with most emphasis on the EOS. It will need a massive shift to blockchain before reputable service providers can act on an order.

Additionally, not many efforts seem to be in focus for the project. That might sound unsuspicious at first but in the long run, knowing the founders can go a long way in protecting your assets. The platform provides little details on how or who are the development team. The platform also lacks their portfolios, and except form a few social media links, there is nothing on more on how we can contact them.

Is NuHelp NHT a Worthwhile Project?

The vision for NuHelp is no easy task for the projects. Competing with the existing service providers is quite impressive for a blockchain venture, and I would tout NuHelp as a viable project.

However, most of my concerns lie with the development team staying in the shadows. I may be wrong regarding my suspicion but remember this is the blockchain and anything is possible. I expect each investor to proceed with extra scrutiny if they want to safeguard their investments.

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