Nuko Block Explorer

What Is The Nuko Block Explorer?

Nekonium is an ETH source code created based on blockchain technology. The code was created by a Japanese team for use in testing and experimenting with smart contracts and the blockchain. However, it does have some ambition after that. The team that created Nekonium intends to release it to a community, which will be tasked with its maintenance.

The community via petitioning and voting will determine this development. The aim is to ensure that it fully inherits the smart contract technology found in the Ethereum blockchain. Its target community will initially be those in Japan, who will be targeted with Webapps and Dapps. After it is famous enough in Japan, it can then spread to the world with the help of branding art, illustrations, gifts, souvenirs, and the friendly community.

Nekonium Project Is Still In Its Early Stages

The development is still young, but its Japanese developers have worked hard to ensure that they come up with something unique and useful. Their initial focus is to have the project used by universities and institutes. Via this research and development, these institutions can aid in the further development of crypto technology.

The Nekonium project was created without any intentions of purchase or speculation. It is a wholly altruistic coin, which may be the first one of its kind. Its developers did not immediately hope to gain any dividend from all the hard work they put into its development. In fact, the project developers clearly state there is a very slim chance of you making any profit mining or investing in this blockchain. Any website, research group, and even high school that would like to explore the blockchain further can gain access to it with ease.

The projects value proposition is its ability to being smart contract technology to Japan. This is a technology that is best described as a self-executing code, which can be utilized for escrow exchanges. The cryptocurrencies may be quite big in Japan, but the use of smart contracts has not yet caught on. Since it is open source, the developers hope that artists, content creators, and developers will be enthusiastic about the project and take part voluntarily.

Another value proposition of this project is the cat theme. Nekonium-themed fan art and goods are already beginning to make their way to the marketplace. With the Nekonium theme and branding, it is not hard to guess that one of the first applications for Nekonium could be cryptokitties. This is a sensation that has recently taken the crypto world by storm. Besides the project, this team is also working on a mobile wallet, which they released to the market a while back. This wallet will also be made as an opensource project, to allow anyone to learn about crypto.

Just like the Ethereum blockchain, a large share of the coins in this project is premined. These coins will be distributed to developers, researchers, creators, and many others. The aim is to encourage the growth of the community and this project.

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