NulleX (NLX Token)

NulleX – former GPU Coin – is a private, secure and scalable decentralized platform that allow users to create, register and relay economic data between the participants involved. The NulleX network is dynamic and self-sustaining that is governed by its peers. At the same time, the network is maintained by a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism.

Currently, the NulleX / GPU Coin are available on Cryptopia and YoBit. The team is working with other exchanges in order to be listed and offered to the general public.

What Makes NulleX Special?

With a unique in-house anonymity solution known as Null Protocol, NulleX has been built into a platform that allows individuals to perform different actions, for example, sending untraceable payments between people or running decentralized applications without giving information about the identity. NulleX aims to be the future of the online data privacy.

How is the NulleX Platform Built?

The NulleX Platform is composed by three main layers, the Null Blockchain, the Null Array and the Null Application.

The Null Blockchain is the primary base layer of the network. A secure, decentralized and interdependently-verifiable ledger that is used to store finances and usage data. Owners can access their data while keeping it hidden from the rest of the world. At the same time, it allows parties to securely transact information without auditable trace.

The Null Array is a large global network of Null Array Verifier nodes (NAV). They work in order to spread around the world the unique services of the NulleX network. The services that they spread include the strict oversight of the destruction and minting of NulleX coins to protect against financial counterfeiting, enforcing the governance rules of the NulleX network, maintaining the integrity of the application layer, facilitating ultra fast payments and many others uses.

Finally, the Null Application allows decentralized, anonymous, and self-executing applications to be developed in the NulleX platform. The Null Applications are known as (nApps). nApps leverage the Null Protocol to register user participation, manage permissions, and relay usage data across the network in an anonymous, zero-trace way.

NulleX Team

Trystan is the Lead Developer of the NulleX project. He has been a Blockchain developer since 2014, and has been creating and cloning numerous coins during the last years. He can be considered a pioneer in the subject.

Steven R. is the IS Manager, a computer science and MIS Major. He has helped several projects to stay on top of cutting edge technology. He has 2.5 years of blockchain experience.

Jokisimo is the project coordinator, and has over a year and a half of experience in different blockchain projects and platforms.

Other important members are Ned Kelly (developer), Erik (Business Strategist), CoolHand (Project Manager), Shaun C. (Software Engineer), Sochaux (Graphic Designer), and Jimmy (Social Media Manager).


At the moment the team is working on the white paper, and on a fork into a new Codebase. Moreover, the team has a roadmap that is presented until the end of 2018. After it there are ideas about how to keep developing the project, but no certain dates.

NulleX (NLX Token) Specifics

  • Ticker Symbol: NLX
  • Total NLX Supply: 50,648,181
  • Consensus: Proof Of Stake (PoS)
  • Block Time: 60 Seconds
  • Block Reward: 3.8 NLX / Block
  • Difficultly Retartgeting: Every Block

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