Binance Announces NULS Mainnet Swap Supports & Tether (USDT) Trading Pair

NULS, a global blockchain-based platform that provides smart contract, multi-chain mechanism and cross-chain agreements, has explicitly revealed its partnership with MC Payment, APAC’s first unified payment platform.

According to the NULS team, the duo will be working towards attracting innovative blockchain projects onto the NULS platform. To achieve this, MC Payment will be creating its respective sub-chain onto the NULS network. In addition, MC Payment’s blockchain consultant subsidiary will be working alongside NULS to ensure their platform is developed.

Co-founder of NULS, Reaper Ran seems to be enthusiastic about the partnership in place, as he highly values MC Payment’s business and the successes achieved. He also said that,

“They have a very large well-established user base and are one of the fastest growing FinTech companies in Asia. This deal will significantly contribute to the accelerated growth and globalization of NULS.” MC Payment has yet to release any comments regarding this attempt.

As for the current NULS position, it has been stated that it will be finalizing its beta testing onto its network. Ran also expressed increased confidence in the “business community” stating that they’ve also signed,

“Strategic partnerships with other enterprises including Inchain, HPIPS, BitShares, Devery, Keyring and AIWTC.”

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