NUMIV Coin is a cryptocurrency platform that claims to offer staking, lending, and trading. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Numiv Coin?

NUMIV, found online at, is advertising itself as a powerful investment opportunity. A quick glance at the website will reveal a number of red flags about the company. The website and whitepaper look like they were designed and written by a child, for example. We’re also a little hesitant to take any coin with a “lending” system seriously – especially when it offers “guaranteed” returns of 40% per month.

NUMIV has no products or services listed on the official website. The development team – which is refusing to disclose its identity – hasn’t even released a wallet.

Is NUMIV yet another scam coin? Or is this a legitimate investment opportunity? Let’s take a closer look at how NUMIV works.

How Does NUMIV Coin Work?

NUMIV Coin is an open source cryptocurrency built on the Scrypt algorithm. It’s a decentralized currency that claims to offer 100% privacy.

To participate in the NUMIV ecosystem, you visit the official website and download the Windows wallet to your PC. From here, you can send and receive NUMIV coins (also called NUM coins) in seconds.

Why should you buy NUMIV coins? The company claims to offer four core products, including staking, mining, trading, and lending.

NUMIV Staking

NUMIV will pay you 5% per year to stake your coin. This is in line with other staking rewards systems. You “stake” your coins by leaving them in your NUMIV wallet. Your staked coins help process transactions on the network, and you receive a reward in exchange for validating transactions. It’s not totally clear how or why NUMIV has a staking system in place – since typically, Scrpyt algorithm coins like Litecoin are proof of work (PoW), not Proof of Stake (PoW). NUMIV’s whitepaper vaguely mentions a hybrid PoW/PoS consensus system, but it’s all poorly explained.


NUMIV doesn’t go into detail about its mining process. However, the company claims mining NUMIV “will return slightly less profit with the same mining hardware but are becoming more popular daily.” As a miner, you validate transactions on the NUMIV blockchain. Again, it’s not totally clear why NUMIV has both PoW and PoS consensus. The company never goes into detail about the hybrid structure, or why their Scrypt-based coin has PoS and PoW together.


NUMIV describes its trading platform as “a fun and inexpensive way to collect coins from around the world”. They describe NUMIV coin as one of the best investments because it’s “the most widely circulated cryptocurrency.” It’s unclear why the company tries to make this claim – because obviously, it’s a blatant lie.


NUMIV has a lending platform where you can use your NUMIV tokens for loans. The company promises to pay you 40% per month by participating in this lending platform – which is similar to the ROI promised by Bitconnect, Hextra, Regalcoin, and other notable scams. NUMIV, like other pyramid schemes, also has a multi-level referral system in place.

Numiv Features

NUMIV advertises all of the following features:

  • Multi-cryptocurrency wallet
  • Peer-to-peer trading from the NUMIV online marketplace
  • Retirement and savings plans are available to investors
  • Multi-level referral system that pays you 7% commission along with referral commissions on every order
  • Launch your own ICO on the platform to make more money (yes, NUMIV lets you start your own cryptocurrency)
  • Deposit bitcoin and receive NUMIV in exchange
  • Earn 40% returns per month through the NUMIV lending program
  • Earn $19,683 per month through the 9 level referral system

Numiv Pricing

Like most pyramid schemes, NUMIV has a membership fee. If you want to participate in the company’s lucrative lending program, then you’ll need to pay that membership fee upfront. That membership fee is listed as your “lending amount”.

Just like with other bitcoin lending scams online today, NUMIV will lock your money up for several months while paying you interest every day. Eventually, the scheme collapses when the deposits of new members cannot pay for the returns of old members.

With that in mind, here’s how NUMIV’s plans work:

  • $120 to $150: 40% ROI per month guaranteed, with capital back after 90 days
  • $1051 to $5050: 40% ROI per month plus 0.15% ROI per day, guaranteed, with capital back after 90 days
  • $5051 to $10,050: 40% ROI per month, plus 0.25% ROI per day, guaranteed, with capital back after 90 days
  • $10,051 to $50,000: 40% ROI per month, plus 0.30% ROI per day, guaranteed, with capital back after 90 days

Ultimately, if someone promises to pay you anything close to 1% returns per day, guaranteed, and locks your money away for 90 days, then that’s a sure sign you’re participating in a scam.

The Numiv ICO

The NUMIV ICO is scheduled for November 25 to December 25, 2017. You can purchase coins at a rate of $0.80 to $1 USD. You can also receive a referral commission for referring members to the ICO.

Who’s Behind Numiv?

One of the easiest ways to spot a bitcoin scam online is when the developers and management team refuse to disclose their identity, location, or background. That seems to be the case with NUMIV.

No contact information – not even an email address – is listed anywhere on the official website or in the whitepaper.

When someone asks you to send them money online, but refuses to disclose their identity, it’s a sign you’re probably being scammed.

Numiv Conclusion

NUMIV appears to be a scam similar to Bitconnect, Regalcoin, and other notorious schemes. You pay the company money today. They lock up your money for several months, paying you a little bit of interest every day. The returns of older investors are paid by the deposits of new investors. The scheme picks up momentum due to the multilevel referral system, which pays generous commissions to anyone advertising the scheme to their friends and family. It’s a classic Ponzi scheme, pyramid scheme, or lending scam.

There are too many red flags about NUMIV to list here. The company refuses to disclose any contact information, for example. The lending scheme promises absurdly high returns. There’s no product (not even a wallet) available for NUMIV Coin. The website and whitepaper seem like they were designed – and written – by an 8 year old.

For all of these reasons, NUMIV coin seems like yet another scam coin that’s not worth an investment.

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