The cryptocurrency field is exciting, energetic, and it requires a great deal of attention and care as well. For most to effectuate their trades, they need a solid platform that enables them to purchase a range of cryptocurrencies all in one place. Unfortunately, finding the right platform to execute purchases is a serious challenge, especially when there are so many limited platforms available. The good news is that one platform is “stepping up” so to say and is now providing users with the opportunity to use its over-the-counter service to purchase various cryptocurrencies. With that, this review would like to introduce Numoney Exchange.

What Is Numoney Exchange?

The Numoney Exchange is similar to Gemini in the sense that users can fund their account and purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies. The platform has also taken the best from Binance, as in, it enables users to benefit from the alt-coin pairs. Finally, it has also taken what is best from Bithub, in that its customer care team is actually in a physical place so that when users call in, they can get the quality support that they deserve. The team behind this platform, primarily the founder, are recognized for their success, knowledge, and experience. With such a solid background, users can count on getting the service and care that they deserve.

NuMoney Exchange Local Currency Trading Benefits

There are many benefits to be had when one adds Numoney Exchange to their lifestyle. Here are the main advantages of this platform so that users know what to look forward to:

No Daily Limits For Locals And High Limits For Internationals

First, one of the main advantage of this platform is that local do not need to deal with limits and those who live outside of the United States have a high limit. This way, both parties are able to maximize their efforts and ensure that they are getting what they are aiming for when using this platform.

Trade Major Coins With Alternative Coins

Second, those who use this platform can trade major coins with alternative coins. This way, users can get the most out of their trades and ensure that their account is funded in the process as well. Very few platforms allow funding with alternative coins, which is what makes this one such a solid go-to option for user needs.

Launching An Initial Exchange Offering – IEO

Finally, the exchange also is planning on launching an initial coin offering. The coin offering will enable the company to kickstart its liquidity. Further, the coin enables users to back a ready product, instead of a white paper; the limited token sale will run for 30 days, and there will only be 1 billion tokens at the onset.

Clearly, there are many benefits to be had when one adds the NuMoney Exchange to their trading efforts. The platform is a quality and highly-effective option for those who are interested in making the most out of their cryptocurrency experience.

NuMoney Exchange NMX Token ICO Details

NuMoney will be holding a token sale soon for their NMX token. You can register on their site to be notified when the ICO will be taking place. You will be able to invest using Ethereum.

NuMoney Exchange Summary

Overall, those who are interested in NuMoney Exchange will find it to be a solid platform for their trading needs. To learn more about this platform and to learn about when the platform will be available for use, just visit the brand’s website today. Upon signing up, users will receive the updates they need to stay informed.

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