There is a global shortage of nurses, and it is having a devastating effect on healthcare. Studies conducted by researchers have linked the increased mortality rate to the nursing shortage, and it has blamed on deteriorating healthcare services on this too.

Bureaucracy is the problem behind the ongoing nursing shortage. Hospitals are in dire need of nurses, but they are reluctant to share information about their hiring practices. This makes it necessary for nurses looking for work to come up with new credentials for each hospital that they apply to. This is a tedious process that can take up to three months.

Nurses are also discouraged by the low (and falling) wages – this is an insult to them as their services are vital, and they often work long hours under great stress. To this end, many nurses are looking elsewhere for better fortunes, and most aspiring nurses are considering other career options.

NurseToken – Creating Viable Solutions

NurseToken has been developed with the primary purpose of overcoming the global shortage of nurses. It plans to do this and more through three channels:

Decentralized Nurse-Hospital Credentialing

This application is designed to eliminate the need for nurses to develop new credentials each time they apply for a job in a new hospital. The platform will issue a rigorous credentialing process that will meet any hospital’s requirements. The credentials will then be stored on the NurseToken crypto wallet that every nurse can carry anywhere. As such, any nurse can simply provide his/her credentials when applying, thus shortening the process from over three months to several hours or days.

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Blockchain-Guarded Credentials

The idea of storing nurses’ credentials on a blockchain platform raises concerns on safety, privacy, and fraud. However, NurseToken has already taken this into consideration and developed protective measures. It requires that hospitals seeking to unlock and verify new nurses’ credentials to use the NurseToken tokens to do so. This is a powerful form of an inbuilt distribution for the platform.

Incentivizing Nurses

As explained earlier, there are two factors that are discouraging nurses: lack of jobs and poor pay. To overcome lack of work, NurseToken will make it easier for nurses to apply for more shifts at hospitals after the initial application using the aforementioned digital credentials. As such, if a particular nurse receives positive reviews, the hospital can call him/her back without going through the rigorous tests again.

Additionally, hospitals will be able to appreciate nurses using NurseToken tokens as bonuses. These tokens can then be put to other uses in the healthcare industry and even monetized – this is in addition to the extra money that nurses will earn through additional shifts.

NurseToken ICO Detail

  • Token Symbol: NUR
  • Token Sale Starts: July 01, 2018
  • Token Sale Ends: October 31, 2018
  • Total Supply: 150 Million
  • Token Standard: ERC 20

Unlocking Numerous, Lucrative Benefits

The global healthcare market is valued at over $346 billion while the telemedicine industry is valued at over $20 billion. NurseToken will eventually infiltrate different sections of these industries and leverage the vast monetary benefits within. Eventually, these tokens will be used for a wide range of transactions and even be monetized just like many current tokens and cryptocurrencies.

NurseToken is yet to launch its pre-ICO, but it has already collected over $1.4 million in pre-commitments by notable players in the healthcare industry including companies, VCs, and crypto influencers.

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