Nutrio Coin is a new steemitof the online fitness world and nutrition and health industry as well. And the ICO PreSale is now Live at the company website. You can also read a full range of different pieces of content that are able to help you better understand the concept of the platform and how it works. For example, you can download the white paper, which is full of information about the platform and ICO.

You can also get tokens on the platform that are primarily used to fuel the platform. And along with that, there are ICO details on the company website that are ideal for learning about the token and why you want to invest into it. Telegram is another one of the social media sites you can follow and communicate with them on as well.

And along with that, there is a contest on the site you can join. And when you join it, you have a chance of winning tokens and other prizes. The platform is still in early stages of development, with a lot of information that still needs to be disclosed about the project.

What Is Nutrio Coin?

The company is operated as a global decentralized ecosystem that is designed to enable interaction without borders that is built entirely on the blockchain technology. And Nutrio Coin, is a brand-new approach to the online fitness industry and can help clients make payments in real time in a fast and secure manner.

Not only that, but they promise the platform has been designed to disrupt the cryptocurrency space. The token, known as the NTRC Token is primarily used to power the new website. And only that, but it is used to fuel the website. When it comes to the ecosystem, people can make immediate transactions, as well as setup fixed appointments, with new instructors and do so at their own convenience. They can also get paid to for any work that is contributed to the website and also have an experience that is free from ads. NTRC Tokens are ideal for helping to remove barriers that have been put in place for the purpose of protection, but are actually hinderances and can at the same time help make payments more secure and easy to perform.

About Nutrio Coin ICO

The ICO STAGE: and PreSales begins on the 12th April 2018, Thursday, 20:00 PM (GMT +2). That means there are still 4 days left before the PreSale ICO starts. And there is also a soft cap of 1800 ETH on the platform, with a normal cap of 5,500 ETH, and a Hard Cap of 15,000 ETH.

Who Is Behind Nutrio Coin?

Everything you need to learn about the team can be found on the company website. They have full disclosure on the team and where they are from, their background and links to different social media profiles for the purpose of verification.

Nutio Coin In Conclusion

Nutrio Coin is a system without borders. And they are here to help people have fast transactions, at lower costs with heightened security levels. And not only that, but the AdFree Experience is also exceptional for giving great rewards to users and chances for cashback advances. Growth is also one of the primary objectives and according to the company, they are doing it fast on a massively large, worldwide scale.

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